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BrickHouse office expansion strengthens support for consumer, business & government clients

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Indianapolis, IN — Brickhouse Security, a premier supplier of surveillance and security solutions, announced a significant expansion of its Indianapolis presence with the addition of a sales and marketing team dedicated to serving the security needs of consumers, business and government.

BrickHouse offers nanny cameras, GPS tracking, home alarm systems and a variety of unique security solutions to help its customers protect their loved ones and personal property. The company also provides GPS fleet and asset tracking, retail loss prevention, employee monitoring and professional consulting services to meet a wide variety of business and governmental security needs.

In 2014, BrickHouse christened its Indianapolis offices and gradually expanded the facility to include shipping and fulfillment, tech support and customer service. With the addition of the sales and marketing team, the Indianapolis team will more than double.

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Blog_round-up-5Every week it seems that security products are used to shine a light on both humanity’s triumphs and absolute low points. This week is no exception; read all about how hidden cameras have uncovered child abuse, how GPS tracking is helping save the elderly, and much more.

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cow blog imageIn the century since Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle, journalists and activists alike have incited political change by exposing injustice and negligence — a trend that could be threatened by new legislation in six states.

Nebraska, Indiana, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and California are all currently looking to ban or limit the use of hidden cameras by non-law enforcement groups (including animal rights activists) on agricultural facilities. These six states are part of a larger group of nine states that have proposed similar legislation in the past year. There are currently five states that already have such legislation on the books.

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After a series of break-ins in Hockley, Birmingham, UK that all seemed to be carried out by the same serial burglar, local authorities decided not to leave his arrest up to chance and to instead set a trap. We’re not sure exactly how the police knew that this trap would work or just how quickly it would catch the crook, but it sure did get the job done.

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