hero-catAirbnb users complete thousands of transactions renting out homes and apartments each year, but not all of them leave both host and renter satisfied. Airbnb has accrued quite the list of horror stories going back as far as 2010. Here are a few of the biggest headline grabbers (along with some other notable security stories from the past week).

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home alarm systems articleAs summer winds down, many folks will end the season with one final trip in celebration of the long Labor Day weekend. In this how-to article we’ll look at how to protect your home while you’re on a trip, from non-tech tips to advanced home alarm systems.

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During winter it’s pretty common that people either forget their snow shovels outside or just figure that no one will bother to steal them. In the case of David Welles of Chicago, one of his neighbors not only decided to steal his shovel from the front yard, but also let her dog leave a not-so-nice present in the front yard, adding insult to injury.
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extern_0000Ever stay awake at night wondering if your home, family members and valuables are protected enough? FBI data reports that a place of residence is burglarized every 15 seconds, but the latest security technology can make your home safer than ever before. Sleep easy knowing you and your family is safe by having these top 8 security products that protect you from danger.



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freakaptWhile trying to find out who had been eating all his food, a NYC man set up a hidden camera in his kitchen. He was thinking that it was his girlfriend that took his food while he wasn’t around, but what he ended up finding out was much more devastating then that.

It turns out that while the man went out or went to sleep, a very strange and crazed woman was living in his house, eating his food, watching his TV and living as if it was her own apartment dwelling. When he was around in the apartment, she would hide in a storage loft/area that was pretty roomy and even set up a bit of a home of her own in there. The police say that she was there for at least a couple of weeks, and probably broke in to rob him, but ended up deciding to stay.

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woods-house_1532906cEver since Tiger Woods’ car accident has made its way into the news, the media has been thrown into a frenzy speculating about what really happened that night. However, Tiger has yet to explain what really happened to him that night.

In a recent article, the Examiner brings up a good point; whether or not Tiger Woods ever reveals an explanation to the public, it’s very likely that additional surveillance videos or photos will come out that will offer the truth on its own. The chances are that other residents of the upscale Isleworth community  have surveillance cameras that could have recorded what happened. It would be very feasible for the Florida Highway Patrol to obtain warrants that would give them access to the footage on these surveillance cameras, an that would be all that is need to solve this mystery.

1259509304_woods-elin-accident_290Did Tiger’s wife attack him with a golf-club out of rage and jealousy? If that is the case and surveillance evidence does come forth, Mrs. Woods will have domestic violence charges against her made. So the question remains, when is the Florida Highway Patrol going to take the obvious step to collect surveillance camera footage in the area to use in the investigation?

(Via the Examiner)

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cash South African police are baffled by a “Robin Hood” style thief who robbed a mansion and redistributed the money he stole to the servants that work there. The thief first broke into the home and took a few articles of clothing. Then about two weeks later, he returned wearing those articles of clothing, and stole some expensive jewelry worth 50,000 rand (equivalent to about $6,320) and a firearm from the safe. What makes this thief’s break ins so unique is that he walks in calmly without hiding his face, directed the servants to tie themselves up, and made another one the residents show him around the home at gunpoint. This thief made sure that the servants would be protected from punishment when the homeowner found on that he or she was robbed. As “Robin Hood” was leaving, he asked the servants if they needed any money.

Police are investigating the crime as an inside job, for they suspect that the money given to the servants might have been a form of payment, or if it really is just a true-life Robin Hood. Either way, this is something they have never seen before.

“What kind of robber returns to the same house wearing clothes he stole there earlier – steals again without even covering his face and then gives away money in the end?… He was poised during the robbery, calmly walking into every room of the mansion. He was comfortable and un-agitated, unlike uncharacteristic of robbers in similar situations.” police spokesperson Captain Andre Venter told the BBC.

The modern day Robin Hood is still at large.

(Via BBC)

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detroit-securityDue to a poor economic climate, The City of Detroit has been forced to cut its police force by more than 25 percent. With the unemployment rate going up, the local police that remain are overwhelmed and understaffed. In areas where its residents can pay, private security companies are fast becoming one of Detroit’s most rapid growing businesses. “People put a premium on security when unemployment and crime go up,” says Larry Dusing, founder of Dusing Security & Surveillance.

Dusing Security is one of the companies that provides security for the once prosperous enclaves of Detroit like Palmer Woods, Boston-Edison and Indian Village. The company investigates the reports of suspicious activities and break- ins.

“If you notice a guy stopping and staring [at a house],” Cooper says, “he’s obviously up to no good.”
The members of the “Historic Indian Village Association,” a local residents’ group, split the cost of private security — about $30 per household each month, which they consider to be worth it since it protects them from something that the local police doesn’t have time to do.

(Via Time)

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terminatorImagine a world where the technology that you hold so dear has turned on you. Most minds would immediately imagine a Terminator situation with massive casualties and chaos. Although it sounds impossible, researchers say a technology takeover could be possible, on a much smaller scale.

Researchers at the University of Washington believe that it is high time we take a second look at technology security, in particular robot security. Believe it or not robots are beginning to pop up in more and more homes across the country. Mostly in the f0rm of toys but also in house hold cleaning devices such as the iRobot’s Roomba vacuume cleaner. Tadayoshi Kohno, an assistant professor at the University of Washington stated “We were shocked at how easy it was to actually compromise some of these robots.” Some of the modern day robots are said to run on wireless access points and are quite susceptible to hackers. Once hacked into, the robots can be controlled through the Internet and used to spy on people or to vandalize property. “We think that consumers should at least be aware that there is the possibility that someone would listen in on their robot and take over their robot and have mobile eyes and ears in their home,” said Tamara Denning a PhD student who also worked on the paper. Although these bots won’t become self aware and begin to attack your family like the bots in Terminator, studies have shown that security in the current line of robots is little more than an after thought during development.

While none of the people researching this problem believe that it can lead to a Terminator or Matrix like scenario, it is important to realize that there are still risks that your robot could  be hacker. Whether it be for spying purposes or vandalism, one thing is for certain: there should be more of an effort on the manufacturer’s end to ensure that this cannot happen so easily.

(Via PC World)

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