With so much cybercrime and identity fraud going on thanks to Internet malware and maliciousness, the U.S. government is eyeing a way to create unified online identities available for all web users. But don’t panic just yet, the purpose of this verified identity isn’t to track users’ surfing habits, but to cut down on identity theft and fraudulent online purchases.

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phone-spamDenial of Service attacks are nothing new. Hackers have been using them for years to bring down websites. The way that a Denial of Service (DoS) attack works is that a hacker will send out a huge number of requests to a server that will be much more then it can deal with, which will in turn bring down the server. The goal is not always financial, but rather just to cause chaos or bring down a competitor.

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e-passport Since 2007, the U.S. government has been issuing high tech, biometric “e-passports,” hoping it will make getting a fake passport extremely hard. Unfortunately for the government, it is very easy for anyone with basic forgery skills to get these e-passports.

To find out just how easy it really is, a Government Accountability Office (GAO)  investigator used multiple fake IDs to get real e-passports without problem. He used one of the passports to buy plane tickets, where he actually got a boarding pass, he made it through security and could have gotten on the plane if he wanted to. The shocking part is that the younger investigator used the social security number of a man who died in 1965,  a fictitious 5-year-old child created for a previous investigation, and an ID that said he was 53-years-old.

After presenting this case to the government, they agreed that there was a “major vulnerability” in the passport issuance process and agreed to investigate it further.

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comethief A man in Austin, Texas, awoke from a coma to find himself the victim of identity theft. Within the two months that he was unconscious, a woman had used his debit card to steal over $1,300 from his bank account. The man had his backpack in the hospital room with him, which also had his wallet with debit card in it.

“It’s disgusting. It’s bad enough that it was stolen from him, but he obviously wasn’t aware of it, couldn’t take care of himself and someone took advantage of that fact,” Police Detective Matt Conley said.

Thankfully for the man, the thief’s photo has been taken at some of the ATMs and police are now looking for her. She’s Hispanic, in her late 20’s to mid-30’s.  She has a young child and drives a maroon 2005-2006 Chevrolet Silverado LS crew cab or extended cab pickup with a tan interior and a black toolbox in the bed. If you have any information, call the APD Financial Crimes Unit at 974-5290. or CrimeStoppers at 472-TIPS.

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David Irving

David Irving, a controversial British historian and accused holocaust denier, has recently been hacked by a group called the “anti-fascist hackers.” These hackers got into Irving’s private e-mail account and posted most of his private information, including e-mails, tour dates, and even account information of supporters on the WikiLeaks website.

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