iris-scanWhat seems to a be a futuristic gadget only seen in sci-fi movies is now coming to a street near you. No, we’re not talking about the Minority Report computer, this time it’s the iris scanner. Built into a small mobile device and combined with a digital finger print scanner, this identification device makes storing people into a database as easy as it gets.

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Ramesh Raskar, an associate professor at the MIT Media Lab, has created the ultimate camera that does what once sounded impossible: seeing around corners. The camera uses laser technology to create something that resembles an echo effect; except instead of using sounds to bounce off objects, this camera uses online cialis a laser flash.

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survey_x220A new technology that is still under development will allow your computer to actually “see” what is happening in a video feed, and describe it in text. The advantages to this are numerous as this can replace the need for having someone actually sit and monitor the video feeds. It can also help out or even replace the human aspect of searching through hours of video or analyzing it.

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As unreal as it sounds, according to the blog “Space War,” the U.S. government is now trying to create an army of insect cyborgs. The blog states that the government plans to insert tiny cameras and sensors into these insects that would allow technicians to control their movement and collect important data such as video and sensory data.

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megapixAdaptive Imaging Technologies, an Israeli start-up company, has recently revealed its newest and most powerful surveillance camera. Unlike traditional cameras that are used for surveillance purposes, and even for professional photography, most typical cameras have a resolution that is around 1-15 megapixels. However, this new camera, also known as the “panoramic telescope” has a resolution of 1,000 megapixels or 1 GigaPixel.

Mouli Cohen, an entrepreneur and technology enthusiast notes that, “Although one GigaPixel would be overkill for conventional uses, a security system would be able to use it to zoom in and produce clear images of fine details like a small object in a man’s hand, or distinguishing marks on his clothing.”

This would be overkill for a traditional surveillance system that uses several cameras to watch over an area, but in this case, just one of these cameras can replace an entire surveillance system. The way that it will work is that the camera is able to see a panoramic (360°) view and it can zoom in on multiple points at once, such as a security checkpoint, all the emergency exits and the check in counter. An operator can even choose to set the camera to only look at faces.

“Because of this feature,” Cohen says, “One single camera can take the place of a multi-camera security system at a transportation hub or national border.

With technology improving and getting cheaper as time goes by, these types of cameras will most likely one day replace conventional security systems.

(Via News.Yahoo)

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mustThe police have long recognized the benefits of an elevated surveillance post, but moving and setting it up is always a hassle that takes quite a bit of time. Now with the invention of the M.U.S.T. (Mobile Utility Surveillance Tower), authorities get both – the ability to get where they are needed quickly, and to get up into an elevated surveillance post in just under two minutes.

The best part is that it is not complicated to operate the M.U.S.T. Technology, and it only requires one person to operate. This is great for crowd control or raids since the vehicle can pull up to the location where it’s needed and without even getting out of the vehicle, the officer can get into the surveillance post, and raise himself to height of over 25 feet.

The post also provides a working platform for a variety of surveillance devices such as digital and/or thermal imaging camera systems, computers, communications or radio equipment, and it can easily hold two people.

The Mobile Utility Surveillance Tower has already been tested and used by multiple law enforcement agencies, which all applaud it for the combination of innovative automotive technology, rapid response and the practicality of a mobile all-terrain surveillance unit.

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