dont-text-me-screen-shotEveryone has that friend that they fear driving around with–the one with the unlimited texting plan, their phone in the cup holder in front of them, always at an arms reach.

Thankfully, a new iPhone application called Don’t Text Me was released and is now available on the iTunes Apple Store to deter people from texting that quickly-sidetracked friend while driving.

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nasa-091113 If NASA scientists have their way, smart phones like the iPhone will soon double as mobile chemical detectors. With the invention of a postage stamp sized sensor accessory that can plug into the iPhone, this will be much easier for everyone to use without having to carry around an additional attachment.

This tiny sensor was developed for the Department of Homeland Security, which hopes to eventually have this installed in every cellphone, forming a huge chemical alert network wherever people go. Aside from just sensing for what kind of chemicals are in the air, the sensor will also detect chemical concentration, humidity, and temperature. And thanks to the built in GPS tracking in the iPhone, they plan to even be able to pin point the chemical events for research as well as for in case of emergencies.

(Via SecurityInfoWatch)

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momo_catgirl_3Money can’t buy you love- unless you have an iPhone.

A new application has surfaced that provides you with a virtual catgirl girlfriend, named Momo.  Yes, that is right, this portable girlfriend is there for you any time of the day, waiting to love you right in your pocket.  Using new technology, creators designed Momo to express emotions depending on the time of day.  Another, feature utilizes the iPhone’s built in GPS tracking device to let Momo know when you are out and when you are home.  Just like any girlfriend- you’ll get a moodier, and suspicious Momo when you are out late into the night, and a happier, bubblier side if you spend the night in…with your phone.

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