braisdenTom Basiden, 28, TV chef featured on world renowned Jamie Oliver’s show Fifteen, was recently charged with stealing millions of British pounds worth of Cartiery jewelry. Baisden was the “inside man” in a staged warehouse robbery in Southend, Essex, England in May 2001.

Fifteen is an apprentice program where young disadvantaged chefs aged 18 to 24 are given the opportunity to work in high end kitchens under the likes of celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver. All of the chefs come from difficult backgrounds and this “second chance” or sorts turns many lives around.

Baisden story starts at age 16, when he began working for the freight-handling firm called Serco at the Southend airport in 1998. Realizing how poor the airport security was, Baisden called the police warning them of the possible security threat. When police did nothing, Baisden decided to try his hand at robbing the warehouse, organizing an elaborate hoax to make the robbery look real on his watch. Accomplices gagged and bound Baisden and stole £3 million worth of jewelry. Baisden himself was rewarded £100,000 for his part in the raid.

After graduating from Oliver’s Fifteen experiment, and reassessing his life’s path, Braisden called the police and described the crime he committed. Described by police as “an extraordinary act of frankness and candor,” Baisden is awaiting sentencing for the charge of theft and conspiracy to steal.

(Via The Telegraph)

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