laptop_thiefRecently, a Swedish university professor described the man that stole his laptop as “compassionate,” not exactly a word most would associate with a thief. The thief robbed the professor of his laptop, which had about ten years of personal and work data. Seeing all of the work on the laptop the thief backed up all of the data and dropped it off at the professor’s home.

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stopthiefA woman named Terri Vary was recently arrested and sentenced to seven months in jail after being caught handling stolen goods. And you’ll never believe how she was busted. Vary had denied having any knowledge of one of the items, a Sony Vaio laptop, that police were unable to recover. However, unknown to Vary, the laptop had EvoForesight monitoring software installed on it which recorded every action Vary made on the computer.

The collected information included her home address, credit card details, and passwords to social networking sites. It also recorded all emails that were sent and received as well as IM/Chat messages, websites visited and searches made. Eblaster is another great software alternative that also records all online activity, including instant messages, searches, emails and web sites visited. Like EvoSquare, Eblaster will also log computer activity and send automatic e-mail alerts to a user remotely.

Vary originally pleaded not guilty to receiving the laptop. This did not prove to be true when the data retrieved by the software installed on the laptop proved that she had indeed used it.

EvoSquare, the company who made the monitoring software, says the product was originally intended for protecting kids by allowing parents access into their cyber lives. And even though, the laptop was never recovered, and thus could not be used as evidence in court, the information retrieved from the laptop was more than enough to put Vary behind bars.

(Via TG Daily)

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