_46792238_gmpvest226A police officer in Manchester, England was recently relieved of duty after he failed to complete his duties. Turns out he was visiting the city’s red light district while on duty.

Robert Bowen, 45, was a normal traffic cop who one day decided to ignore an emergency call because he was indulging himself in the city’s red light district. When his absence was noticed, his superiors decided to track the officer’s car using cameras, audio recordings, and GPS. When they found out that he was cutting out on calls to go to the red light district he was let go. Officer Bowen had been working for the police force for 26 years and had been the recipient for numerous medals. In court he plead guilty to one count of misconduct in public office.

During his career he received the chief constable’s commendation and two chief superintendent’s commendations for going beyond the call of duty, but now he is simply the cop that got caught.  Detective Inspector Martin Reddington, of the Greater Manchester Police, said: “This serious neglect of duty could have had devastating consequences as he potentially put the lives of members of the public at risk and also those of his colleagues, who had to rush to the scene from other parts of Manchester, delaying our response and leaving the areas those other patrols were supposed to be looking after vulnerable.”

(Via BBC News)

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