71432134JS009_Medical_MarijRecently three masked men broke into a  medical marijuana store stealing most of the merchandise and even ripping a 25 lb. safe out of the wall.

Cameras captured three men walking into a medical marijuana store and in less than three minutes robbing the place clean. From the footage in the video it is clear to see that the thieves knew their way around the store. They used crowbars to rip the store safe off the wall which contained $5,000 worth of medical marijuana.

“It makes me so mad” said store owner Chris Branan, he told reporters that the store serves close to 200 patients and had recently installed the video cameras in the store. The thieves left with everything but the store’s ATM machine which displayed and clear warning that it was tracked by GPS.

Unfortunately the police were unable to identify the perpetrators because of the masks they wore.  However, Branan assures other that despite this set back he will be back in business serving his patients again.

(Via Fox News)

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