microsoft-image Microsoft Corp. may be on the top of the computer business, but it is certainly not perfect, as the company learned Monday July 6th when they had to reveal the details of a computer security threat the company has not taken the steps to fix.

The threat revealed Monday by Microsoft affects Internet Explorer users whose computers run the Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 operating software. This vulnerability allows hackers to remotely take control of any victims machine, after the victim has visited an infected site. Criminals have been exploiting this vulnerability for almost a week, with thousands of sites having been hacked during this time. People travel to these sites by clicking links found in spam e-mails. The threat affects the section of the Microsoft software that is used to play video, and the flaw arises from how the software and Internet Explorer come together with one another. The error in their interaction allows for a hole which hackers can tunnel into.      ie8-logo

Microsoft is telling its users to disable the flawed part of its software to protect their computer. Instructions to do this can be found on Microsoft’s website. Meanwhile, the company will work on a “patch”, or software fix, for the problem.

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