UPDATE 11/20: Whitney will appear on ABC’s 20/20 Friday, November 21 at 10 p.m. EST. For more details click here.

We were thrilled to find the headline above posted on our Facebook wall by Arkansas mom Whitney Matney. It’s stories like Whitney’s that remind us why we got into the security business in the first place.

The young law student used a BrickHouse nanny cam to catch an allegedly abusive babysitter in the act and bring her to justice.

Whitney and her family recently appeared on the Ricki Lake Show to share their story.

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There have been a rash of child abuse cases lately that have been foiled by well-positioned nanny cams. We recently ran a story about a New York babysitter caught on camera drugging an infant girl to get her to “calm down”. In the past week there have been two cases, one in Chicago and one in Columbus, Ohio, that have reiterated the importance of hidden cameras as a bulwark against abusive babysitters.

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Todd Morris, CEO of BrickHouse Security, hesitantly presses play and sits back down, bracing himself for the worst. As working parents, Todd and his wife had no choice but to entrust their then one-year-old son to a nanny, and now comes the moment of truth: playing back the nanny camera video. Will she be everything she said she says she was? Caring, helpful, playful? Or will she be like those horror stories you see on the news?

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