iwormJailbroken iPhone users in the Netherlands beware, a new worm is luring itself by redirecting users from the ING bank web site. When users visit the bank’s home page they are redirected by the worm which leaves them vulnerable to criminals that can capture their banking log-in information. Security experts at F-Secure are also warning that the worm can potentially turn infected iPhones into a “bonnet”, which is a network of compromised computers at the mercy of hackers or cybercriminals that can be accessed and controlled without the permission of the user. The worm can also be easily spread from one jailbroken iPhone to another when the jailbroken iPhones are connected to the same wireless internet connection.

Although this iPhone Worm is far from the first iPhone security threat to come out recently, Mikko Hypponen of F-Secure says that this is worm is the first seriously malicious virus for the iPhone. “There’s a clear financial motive behind it,” he told the BBC. “It’s fairly isolated and specific to the Netherlands, but it is capable of spreading.”

(Via the Telegraph)

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nokia-phone-mastercard-logoWith all the hackers and security threats out there, credit card companies are breaking their backs trying to make their cards as secure as possible. MasterCard’s new layer of security, to be released in the first half of next year, uses a cell phone to authenticate your online transactions by asking for a password that is sent via SMS or generated on the spot by JAVA application. The goal is to improve the user’s protection against phishing schemes and man in the middle attacks. It will also make managing your credit card, and sending and receiving payments from your cell phone possible.

(Via PCWorld)

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