credit-card-lcdVisa plans to release a new version of the credit card that will cut down online shopping fraud. This new credit card will be the same basic size and form, but with one huge difference – it will have a built in LCD and keypad on the back of the card. Powered by a built in battery that will last up to three years, these cards will work until they expire and there is no need to worry about charging them.

The way the that these new credit cards will prevent fraud is by making it necessary for the users to input their pin every time they make an online purchase. The card will then display a unique security code, which must be entered into the website, which will forward it to Visa’s servers, where the purchase will be approved.

“We hope this new card will help allay those fears, and give consumers more confidence when shopping online” said Sandra Alzetta of Visa.

The company hopes that the card will boost shopping over the Internet and it will be tested in Britain early next year by the company MBNA.

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webfraud_oneBlack Friday has obtained near holiday status with its amazing deals that allow people all over the country to make that one big purchase that they couldn’t afford the rest of the year. However, there is a new shopaholic’s holiday that lets shoppers spend from home called Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is the Monday immediately following Black Friday and boasts similar sales and discounts.

However some people have been unwilling to participate in the online sales because of Internet security concerns. There are some simple tips that you can use in order to make sure that you are not getting scammed. First and foremost, you should be familiar with the company from which you are buying. Most companies offer online explanations of their privacy policies for customers to review. It’s important to also make sure you’re dealing with a secure site before purchasing. Look for the unbroken key or locked padlock symbol, often found in the bottom right hand corner of the page. This means that your information is being sent securely and is not prone to hacks.

Make sure that you get the details on your purchase including expected arrival dates, shipping and handling fees, warranties, return policies, and other information such as a contact e-mail or phone number in case there is a problem with your purchase. It is also good practice to purchase using credit cards seeing as how under federal law and most credit card agreements your liability for fraudulent charges does not exceed $50. The final good practice is to keep detailed records of your purchases, print your receipts and keep electronic records. This will help in the case of a discrepancy.

Using these simple tips will keep you safe during online shopping and thus let you enjoy all the sales that are available to you on Cyber Monday. Now you can shop at home in your pajamas without fear.

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25_1544_20090804144839_credit-card-readerFor some, online shopping is the perfect way to indulge a passion without ever stepping foot into a store. Avoiding hawk-like sales clerks, being able to see all of your choices on a 20″ widescreen, no lines, and being able to take as much time as you want to obsess about what you may or may not need are all the benefits of shopping online. The other fringe benefits include stolen identities, credit card theft, and even worse- not getting that new pair of shoes. Fear not- with the SmartSwipe, you can shop away without wondering exactly where the numbers you type into your computer are ending up.

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