Top 8 Must Have Gadgets For Summer Travel

Close your eyes and imagine that you are standing at the edge of the ocean looking into a world of possibilities.  As you breathe in the fresh air, you smile and exhale the past year.  The next breath you take is the beginning of your favorite time, the beginning of endless adventures, the beginning of summer.  Take those first few steps in the salty pool of memories yet to be made slowly and be sure to have these few gadgets with you along the way.

yhst-81126207287951_2061_1019339461. Soda Can Safe – $19.95
Following the design of Jurassic Park’s Denis Nerdy’s shaving cream canister that he used to store dinosaur embryos in, so too do these authentic soda cans provide safe, unsuspecting places to put your valuables. It may not be million year old dinosaur embryos, but treasure is in the eye of the beholder. So whether it be a thousand dollars, or the first dollar bill you made at your store, your grandmother’s diamond ring, or the ring your fiancee got you out of the dispenser at Wal Mart, make sure that your treasure is safe while you travel. The Soda Can Safe is the perfect, portable vault that makes it a little easier breathe while looking at the Mona Lisa, climbing the steps of the Great Pyramids, or watching the glistening waters pass you by in a gondola. Made from real soda cans, these believable safes are guaranteed to secure your valuables.

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