hacked-phoneRecently cyber criminals found a new platform for their latest hacks:  Internet phone services. VoiP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) has becoming increasingly used and its particularly susceptible to hacker attack.

In the past few weeks, dozens of telephone systems across the country have been hacked into. Once hacked, these phones will automatically call banking customers and trick them into giving out sensitive financial information.  Typically the hackers target small businesses as they are least likely to have proper system defenses. Once hacked, when a customer receives a call, a prerecorded message will play telling them that there has been a bank error and that their accounts have been temporarily suspended. It then prompts the customer to enter his account or ATM card number, which the hacker then uses to open fake debit cards and clean out the accounts. As more phone systems move to the Internet, this new technology is more susceptible to attack due to weak or non existant defenses.

(Via CIO.com)

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