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With the massive media coverage and interest in the News of the World phone hacking scandal, people are wondering how it was possible that so many voicemail accounts could have been hacked; and not by professional hackers, but ordinary journalists. As it turns out, the hacking was simple, as default voicemail pincodes were used, and anyone with the right tool could have easily broken into the accounts.

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Seeing just how much information and sensitive data we store on our smartphones, not to mention the phone numbers and photos we probably haven’t back up in months, losing it all can be a huge headache. We not only lose a phone, but we lose a piece of ourselves along with that phone. However, because cell phone application developers know how severe this lose can be, they have created many different apps that help people find their lost or stolen phone by using the phone’s built-in GPS.

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ikee_iphone_wallpaper After creating an iPhone worm known as Ikee that changed the background of jail broken or unlocked iPhones to reveal an image, Ashley Towns was hired as an application developer for an Australian based software company Monogeneration. Security companies are furious at Monogeneration for rewarding this man and inspiring future malware writers.

“What disheartens me is that Towns has shown no regret for what he did. He admitted specifically infecting 100 iPhones himself, letting his worm loose in the process. Now his utterly irresponsible behaviour appears to have been rewarded… There are plenty of young coders out there who would not have acted so stupidly, and are just as worthy of an opportunity inside a software development company, and are actually quite likely to be better coders than Towns who made a series of blunders with his code,” said Graham Cluley of software outfit Sophos, who has a long public record for taking issue with anything that even vaguely appears to reward malware writers.

On the other hand, Monogeneration sees Towns iPhone worm development as an asset that could possibly benefit their company.

(Via ComputerWorld)

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