mcafee-logoWhat started out as a regular day in Iowa ended up turning into a real wake up call for the community. Every so often, disaster exercises are scheduled to  see how everyone in a community will respond and how all the organizations (such as local government, county government, city government, hospitals, school district and businesses) will deal with an emergency in the case that it really did happen. This type of exercise is common as is carried out several times a year.

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21cameraxlarge1As the weather gets warmer, and the summer tourism and nightlife start up, Baltimore’s mayor and the top police commander are beginning to implement a new strategy to help deter street crime. This new strategy involves using technology to better monitor the streets and get the police officers to the area where a crime is happening as fast as possible.

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Shirley's Honey Hole as Seen from Google Maps Street View

A bar in Baltimore named Shirley’s Honey Hole, has agreed to having surveillance cameras being installed both inside and outside their premises. These cameras will have a direct feed to the Baltimore Police department. The owner of the bar agreed to the cameras as part of a settlement deal to help keep her bar from being padlocked. She also must close the bar for a month to install the cameras, and she must hire a security guard for to have on premises. The police believe that the bar is a popular spot for drug dealing and also believe that some of the bars costumers have been linked to several recent shootings. By installing surveillance cameras with a live feed going to the police, they believe that bar patrons will feel more secure drinking at Shirley’s, and that ultimately this will be a crime deterrent.

The police have stated that this is still an experimental system and are not sure whether the cameras will stay in the bar indefinitely or if they will be removed after and certain amount of time. They are also unsure as to whether or not they are going to implement this same strategy in other establishments.

The owner of Shirley’s Honey Hole said that she will place two large signs up to let people know that they are being watched.

(Via The Baltimore Sun)

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