mustThe police have long recognized the benefits of an elevated surveillance post, but moving and setting it up is always a hassle that takes quite a bit of time. Now with the invention of the M.U.S.T. (Mobile Utility Surveillance Tower), authorities get both – the ability to get where they are needed quickly, and to get up into an elevated surveillance post in just under two minutes.

The best part is that it is not complicated to operate the M.U.S.T. Technology, and it only requires one person to operate. This is great for crowd control or raids since the vehicle can pull up to the location where it’s needed and without even getting out of the vehicle, the officer can get into the surveillance post, and raise himself to height of over 25 feet.

The post also provides a working platform for a variety of surveillance devices such as digital and/or thermal imaging camera systems, computers, communications or radio equipment, and it can easily hold two people.

The Mobile Utility Surveillance Tower has already been tested and used by multiple law enforcement agencies, which all applaud it for the combination of innovative automotive technology, rapid response and the practicality of a mobile all-terrain surveillance unit.

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Shirley's Honey Hole as Seen from Google Maps Street View

A bar in Baltimore named Shirley’s Honey Hole, has agreed to having surveillance cameras being installed both inside and outside their premises. These cameras will have a direct feed to the Baltimore Police department. The owner of the bar agreed to the cameras as part of a settlement deal to help keep her bar from being padlocked. She also must close the bar for a month to install the cameras, and she must hire a security guard for to have on premises. The police believe that the bar is a popular spot for drug dealing and also believe that some of the bars costumers have been linked to several recent shootings. By installing surveillance cameras with a live feed going to the police, they believe that bar patrons will feel more secure drinking at Shirley’s, and that ultimately this will be a crime deterrent.

The police have stated that this is still an experimental system and are not sure whether the cameras will stay in the bar indefinitely or if they will be removed after and certain amount of time. They are also unsure as to whether or not they are going to implement this same strategy in other establishments.

The owner of Shirley’s Honey Hole said that she will place two large signs up to let people know that they are being watched.

(Via The Baltimore Sun)

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13486410Salt Lake City police are crediting surveillance cameras for having a very positive effect in the reduction of drug deals at Pioneer Park. Since the cameras went up last February and the police department began advertising that the area was under constant surveillance, calls for assistance at the park have been cut in half.

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