highway-truckHighway robbery is a very common crime in Mexico–entire armed gangs pull over one fully loaded 18-wheeler after another and take all the cargo from the drivers at gun point. Cargo theft is a worldwide problem, but in Mexico it is one of the most violent and prevalent crimes, as about 60% to 65% of the thefts involve a gun.

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iphone_googlemaps_locateCommitting felonies just isn’t what it used to be. Swiping someone’s personal belongings and running off into the sunset is a thing of the past now that GPS tracking systems can be implemented in almost anything these days. If you can track your child, your pet, and your spouse, tracking a phone is no big deal.

Maybe Eddie Deleon, who practically invited the police into his home when he stole an iPhone with a GPS application, hadn’t received the memo quite just yet.

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pleaserobme2comPeople have become more and more obsessed with status updates; whether it’s on Twitter or Facebook, people are all about letting others in on what they’re doing and where they’re going and what exactly they’re doing. Programs like Foursquare, let users check into different locations and find friends that may be in your same location. The more you visit certain spots, you move up in the ranking and unlock badges and points, eventually getting to “mayor” status the more you visit. The more these types of apps take off, the more security concerns they raise.

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71432134JS009_Medical_MarijRecently three masked men broke into a  medical marijuana store stealing most of the merchandise and even ripping a 25 lb. safe out of the wall.

Cameras captured three men walking into a medical marijuana store and in less than three minutes robbing the place clean. From the footage in the video it is clear to see that the thieves knew their way around the store. They used crowbars to rip the store safe off the wall which contained $5,000 worth of medical marijuana.

“It makes me so mad” said store owner Chris Branan, he told reporters that the store serves close to 200 patients and had recently installed the video cameras in the store. The thieves left with everything but the store’s ATM machine which displayed and clear warning that it was tracked by GPS.

Unfortunately the police were unable to identify the perpetrators because of the masks they wore.  However, Branan assures other that despite this set back he will be back in business serving his patients again.

(Via Fox News)

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chickenA South African jewelry firm was surprised to find that one of their own staff had been stuffing a cooked chicken with gold and precious metal in an attempt to steal the goods. Carrying the cooked chicken out of the building on his way home, the man was stopped at the metal detector with chicken in hand. This is when security officials discovered that instead of being stuffed with sage and onion, the chicken had been stuffed with expensive jewelry.

The jewelry company had recently tightened security when a woman tried to smuggle gold out of the building in her under wire bra. Banning under wire bras, they didn’t think to ban rotisserie chickens. The man is due to appear in Johannesburg’s Hillbrow Magistrate court on Tuesday on charges of attempted theft and possession of suspected stolen goods. The firm’s boss Larry Brown says he has been doing his best to stop the thefts,

“The very nature of the jewelery industry makes it a target for criminals,” he said. “Part of our procedures are to routinely visit dubious dealers who trade in fine metals, diamonds and gold. These dealers are known to buy stolen jewelery, often at enormous cost to lives.”

(Via BBC)

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nunPolice are hoping that they will find a criminal responsible for robbing two nuns by releasing video footage of the crime.

The two nuns were doing some grocery shopping when they were approached in a parking lot by a man asking for money. One of the nuns, named Sister Mary De Leon, refused to give the man money and instead referred him to many of the town churches for help. However, the suspect had other things in mind, as he snatched De Leon’s purse and jumped into a van that was circling the lot. The two nuns attempted to chase the crook, but where unable to stop the vehicle.

Luckily the whole thing was caught on tape by the parking lot security camera. Police have released the footage of the crime in the hopes that someone will help bring these heartless men to justice.

(Via ABC News)

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bank_gobbler3_682_934494aJohn Ford was so eager to avoid arrest that he may have eaten the evidence that would help convict him.

Ford was suspected in a bank robbery during which he reportedly passed a note to one of the tellers demanding money. After police matched his car to a witness’ description, the police pulled Ford over and discovered a bag of money in his car. Afterwords while emptying his pockets, Ford grabbed a piece of paper in his mouth and proceeded to eat it. Police believe that the piece of paper may have been the ransom note he showed to the teller.

The dashboard camera in the police vehicle captured everything as Ford was pressed upon the hood of the car eating a large piece of white paper.  Despite his best efforts it seems that Ford will be unable to avoid his jail time. At least in jail he won’t go hungry.

(Via The Sun)

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facebook-statusWe’ve seen many a lawsuit involving Facebook. With everything from criminals getting arrested for updating their Facebook status during a robbery, to someone being arrested for a harmless “poke.” On a brighter note, one New York teen was able to use a Facebook status update to provide an alibi and actually keep himself out of jail.

One night, Rodney Bradford, a 19-year-old from Harlem was online updating his Facebook status. The next night he was taken into custody under suspicion of robbery. Claiming his innocence, Bradford’s defense attorney admitted Bradford’s Facebook status update as his alibi. The judge subpoenaed  Facebook company records and was able to verify that the update occurred at 11:49 am from Bradford’s father’s home.  The robbery, on the other hand, occured at 11:50 am. This was enough evidence to convince the court that Bradford’s alibi was indeed legitimate, and he was cleared of all charges.

However not everyone is pleased with the results of the case. Joseph Pollini, a law professor at John Jay college, stated “With a user name and password, anyone can input data in a Facebook page. Some of the brightest people on the Internet are teenagers,” he said. “They know the Internet better than a lot of people. Why? Because they use it all the time.”  Reuland admits that this is possible but disagree that it is likely stating “This implies a level of criminal genius that you would not expect from a young boy like this; he is not Dr. Evil.”

One thing is for certain, that this ruling can set legal precedent  for a slew of other cases to come. John Browning, a lawyer and member of the Dallas Bar Association who studies social networking and the law stated, “This is the first case that I’m aware of in which a Facebook update has been used as alibi evidence. We are going to see more of that because of how prevalent social networking has become.” Whether or not a Facebook status should be admissible in a court of law is not for me to say, but I’m eager to see what other cases can come out of this one.

(Via New York Times)

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