Professional slackers agree that sometimes work gets in the way of life. The problem? Some companies are making it especially hard to slack off while at the workplace. Fear not, we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to keep whatever you’re doing truly private and secure at work, without getting caught.

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1225296568-silveralertprofilelogo8_rgb-600x450Silver is the new amber ever since a 77 year old man disappeared into the woods and died.

William Young, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, was declared missing after taking the family’s car for a drive and never returning home.  Countless search parties, dozens of worried family members and friends, and 5 days later his car was found in a bay.  The next day his body was found 5 miles from the car, drifting away from the initial point of impact.

William Young’s tragic story broke down the traditional barriers of safety alert systems.  Local police officials responded to the inundation of worry for elders suffering from dementia with a volunteer search and rescue effort, named  “Silver Alert,” honoring Young.   The Silver Alert has already been adopted in several states scattered throughout the U.S, including Florida, North Carolina, Texas.  Imitating the idea of the “Amber Alert,” the “Silver Alert” hopes to get as many elderly people suffering from dementia registered with local authorities, making it much easier for them to distribute information to the public and other authorities in an emergency.

Another vital feature of this program is the use of GPS tracking devices.  With new technology, GPS tracking devices can be placed in family cars or on bracelets or necklaces that can be worn by the elderly.  In cases of missing children, and now, missing elderly people, reaction time is key.  A second can make the difference between finding them at the side of the road and finding them at the bottom of a bay.  GPS tracking devices enables people to find the fastest route available back to their loved ones.

GPS tracking devices can also be used to give elderly more freedom.  Family members can set up a GPS fence around the community or any predetermined area they felt comfortable having their family member roam free in.  If the elderly person left that area, family members would get a text message, and the GPS would help them track down the person.

Had this technology been in place when William Young went missing his family may have been able to save him, and police are doing everything they can to ensure that other families will get the chance that the Young’s didn’t have.

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April is Child Safety Month. The Brickhouse Security experts are here to offer you safety advice.

1. Home Security

Your home is your sanctuary, it may seem safe but, its easy to overlook the hidden dangers within your own household. You spend the majority of time in your home, so you should be extra vigilant when it comes to your home’s security. Even the most secure locations imaginable have their weak points. Make sure all of your external windows and doors have working locking mechanisms, and be sure to make good use of the home security technology available at Brickhouse Security.

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Kidnappers are motivated by large sums of money. The thought process being, why even bother taking the risk if the target isn’t worth the trouble. Due to SEC disclosure laws, finding out which executives make the most money is now easier than ever before. Your business, or your family may be at risk. Here are four tips on how to improve security.

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“Duct Tape Bandit” Kasey Kazee barged in to Shamrock Liquors in Ashland, Kentucky with duct tape wrapped around his head to conceal his face. While proceeding with this preposterous crime Kazee was met by store manager Bill Steele who had some duct tape of his own. Steele grabbed a wooden club wrapped in duct tape and proceeded to chase the masked moron outside into the store’s parking lot.

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Steele tackled the masked robber and wrestled him to the ground. The tussle eventually ended with “Duct Tape Kazee” battered and in a headlock. When police arrived on the scene and eventually removed the duct tape they questioned Kazee.

Duct Tape Kazee Unmasked

Duct Tape Kazee Unmasked

Kazee responded to police questioning and looked straight at the camera and said, “Do I look like the duct tape bandit to you?”

Store patrons also remarked on Kazee odd appearance when they noticed he had his shirt pulled over his head. They said it was reminiscent of the “cornholio” character of “Beavis & Butthead” fame. Kazee did manage to get his sticky fingers on a two rolls of coins from the liquor store.

biometric ip counter door lock camera sniper fangra

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