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Security cameras caught the craigslist killer in Boston. His friends say that he seemed normal. This brings up the question: How do you really know someone? The perceived notion of anonymity gives comfort to some and fear to others. When one can’t trust their friend or neighbor, how do we give so much trust to strangers?

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One more counterfeiter in a ring in Bermeton, Washington was caught on video surveillance by a cell phone by one of her co-conspirators. The woman is shown pulling a fake $20 from a printer. Police have accused these suspects with targeting Girl Scout troops and allegedly conning them out of more than $1,000.

The scheme revolved around buying girl scout cookies to launder the money. To ad insult to injury, the “real-looking” money was reportedly made with a printer bought from a local ToysRUs. One of the girl scout leaders realized the money was fake when she tried to get change at a bank. Now troop leaders are told to not accept 20s unless they have a counterfeiting pen that turns yellow to detect real money. The girl scout leaders have said they will use this experience as a teaching tool about safety and security. They stated they are going to teach the girls about fraud and security and even go as far as to give out fraud badges. This may sound like a far cry from friendship badge, but does show the importance of being vigilant especially when it comes to children, who are most vulnerable.

There are many ways to protect your child and teach them about dangerous situations and suspicious people. Many girl scouts take the door to door approach to selling their cookies. Many parents choose to keep track of their children’s location with a GPS Tracker or similar device.

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A new slang term has recently been a hot topic of discussion. Sexting refers to sending explicit text messages or pictures of a sexual nature. Although many parents think their children wouldn’t engage in this activity, sexting has become a more and more common practice among teenagers. A practice which often leads to devastating consequences.

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Kidnappers are motivated by large sums of money. The thought process being, why even bother taking the risk if the target isn’t worth the trouble. Due to SEC disclosure laws, finding out which executives make the most money is now easier than ever before. Your business, or your family may be at risk. Here are four tips on how to improve security.

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According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, a vehicle is stolen every 26.4 seconds. Don’t be fooled by the quality of the car you own. According to the NICB, the average cost of stolen cars is $6,649. Car theft can be avoided with GPS Tracking or Car Security Cameras. Here are the top ten stolen autos of 2006. Is your car one of them?

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