ctrus-football_02_s3fbo_22976_aovqv_54Agent has developed a concept football called CTRUS. This transparent football uses GPS tracking technology combined with an RFID chip to make it easier to identify close calls over the goal line or the side line. A high-tech football (or soccer ball for U.S. folks) like this one could have easily avoided the controversy surrounding Thierry Henry’s handball goal against Ireland.

The reality is that the technology for such a football is already available, so this isn’t that much of a futuristic concept at all. Not to mention, that this isn’t the first instance where we’ve seen GPS tracking being used to make a sport more efficient. Just last month gps trackers were used at Super Bowl 44. At this rate, we’re confident that within the next few years we’ll be seeing GPS tracking implemented in many creative and strategic ways for many different kinds of sports.

(Via GizmoWatch)

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