virus-mp3-bacteria-unicef-p2p-networks-peer-to-peer-mpeg-mpgAs if your mailbox wasn’t already full of enough spam, now MP3 spam is making a come back. The trend first started popping up in 2007 when spammers started using MP3 files as attachments on emails.

According to Symantec, new forms of MP3 spam have now been spotted in the wild. These emails contain no message, and no subject body, they just have an MP3 attachment with a heavily distorted 5 second message recorded in a female voice that promotes a meds domain. Some of the random .mp3 file names that have been associated with this series of spam include milsoppy.mp3, enwomb.mp3 and realiser.mp3.

Trend Micro, another major antivirus firm has reported other MP3 spam that is pushing Viagra and other sexual enhancement pills. The MP3’s message encourages users to visit a web page that points to Canadian pharmacy sites.

Symantec’s Samir Patil blogged that, “Old trends never die, they just resurface from time to time. Case in point, spammed messages that have .MP3 file attachments, which were last seen two years ago, made their presence felt once again today.”

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sanford Sanford Wallace, an Internet marketer who is notoriously known as the “Spam King” for sending out as many as 30 million junk e-mails a day in the 1990’s, was found guilty in court for spamming Facebook and now has to pay them $711 million in damages. He is charged with hacking into user’s accounts and sending out phony messages and posts trying to make money from the users (which apparently he made tons of, and it’s not the first time).

In May, 2008, he did the same thing with MySpace, in which case he was also caught and forced to pay the social media site $230 million. And once again before that, $4 million for running an operation that spread a spyware virus.

Aside from having to pay such a huge amount of money, again, Wallace might also face jail time since the government is cracking down on cyber crime and Internet fraud.

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macvirusA group of Russian spammers paid hackers 43 cents for each Mac computer infected with a virus, showing that Macs have become a target for the spammers.

Sophos researcher Dmitry Samosseiko explains that this Russian spamming mob,  “The Partnerka,” collects hundreds of thousands of dollars from infecting computers with malware or what he calls “scareware.” A portion of this group is directing their efforts at Macs.

“Mac users are not immune to the scareware threat,” said Samosseiko in the research paper that he released at the Virus Bulletin 2009 in Geneva, Switzerland. “In fact, there are ‘codec-partnerka’ dedicated to the sale and promotion of fake Mac software.”

Hackers are offering 43 cents for each malicious install on Macs.

“The growing evidence of financially-motivated criminals looking at Apple Macs as well as Windows as a market for their activities, is not good news — especially as so many Mac users currently have no anti-malware protection in place at all,” said Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant at U.K-based Sophos, in a blog entry Thursday.

Although rare, Mac threats do exist and should be explored by Apple. Until then, be careful what you click on.


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