20100126_speed-cameras_614mzAccording to a report released by the House of Commons, Britain may soon start using a new strategy to prevent drivers from speeding. The state will still give out tickets, but this time there won’t be a need for police officers to actually pull you over, and you might not even know that you were caught speeding until you finally receive the ticket in the mail.

This new system will incorporate speed cameras – a new device, that resembles a stop light camera. The speed cameras will snap a picture of your license plate when you run the red light, except in this case it will snap the picture when you go above the speed limit.

The way that it will work is that there will be checkpoints with cameras that can capture accurate license plate numbers of cars going at high speeds (and under any weather or lighting condition), and the cameras will communicate with each other and use GPS information to determine the average speed of cars between any two checkpoint. When the average speed exceeds the speed limit, the cameras will save your license plate number and you will be fined with a speeding ticket that you receive in the mail.


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The Transport of London (TfL) has announced testing of the Intelligent Speed Adaption system that will monitor the speed of cars from outer space using GPS tracking.  When the system detects a speeding car, it will slow down that car until it is under the limit. This system will make speed camera vehicle tracking obsolete.

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