james-bond-islandAt BrickHouse, it’s no secret how much we enjoy James Bond films; in fact, it’s part of the reason that we became a company. While we endeavor to provide some of the gadgets to make you more like Bond, however, living the life of a spy is more than that. To that end, one luxury website is offering a vacation fit for only the most elite member of MI6, for the ludicrous price of over $800,000.

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As unreal as it sounds, according to the blog “Space War,” the U.S. government is now trying to create an army of insect cyborgs. The blog states that the government plans to insert tiny cameras and sensors into these insects that would allow technicians to control their movement and collect important data such as video and sensory data.

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I am not a super technical person, but when I heard that I was going to get to test a mini surveillance camera, I was pretty excited. Visions of Mission Impossible and 007 movies whirled through my head. But the more I played with the Mega Mini Spy Camera, the more everyday uses (both anticipated and unplanned) for this type of product occurred to me. The Mega Mini Spy Camera Pro Built-In DVR, $145.95, is a high resolution miniature camcorder primarily used as a surveillance camera or portable camcorder. Because of its size, it’s designed for covert recording because it fits almost anywhere and is completely wire free so you can place it literally anywhere.


What’s in the Box

Inside the box along with the the Mega Mini Pro, is a charger, a short instructional manual, a neck strap, a clip, a cleaning brush, Velcro, a SD card, and a USB cable. You may not need to use all of the accessories.

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The Mega Mini Pro measures in at around 1.5 inches tall and 3/4 of an inch wide, which makes it one of the smallest spy cameras available. This camera is perfect for covert recording or  spur-of-the-moment events you may want to capture thanks to its small size and portability.  I can imagine carrying the Mega Mini Pro in my backpack or purse all the time. I also like that it’s battery powered and wireless, so all it takes is pressing a couple of buttons to start recording.

Besides the actual camera, the additional accessories make the Mega Mini Pro a versatile camera. For example, there’s a flexible bracket that holds the camera so you can mount it in your car, in your home, or clip it on your clothes or backpack. The accessories also allow for hands-free and body worn recording.


I used the manual to guide me through the set-up process, but it’s so straightforward I won’t need it next time. Since the camera has a built-in DVR, it requires a micro SD card, so make sure you insert the included 2Gb SD card before you start recording. There is a picture diagram imprinted on the side of the camera telling you which way to insert the SD card. After you record some video and are ready to transfer it to your computer, connect the camera to your computer using a USB cable (also included). Of the ten videos I took, that range from a few seconds long to around 30 seconds, it took less than five minutes to upload all of them onto the computer. It will prompt you to open up JPG, WDP, and BMP. I wasn’t exactly sure what this meant, but I clicked on JPG and sure enough my videos were there.

Recording with the Mega Mini Pro is pretty basic, since it uses the green light system of alerting you if it’s recording. Flip the switch on the top of the camera to “on” and a blue light on top of the camera should go on if the camera is charged. Then hit the button on the top, and you’ll know you’re recording if the light is blinking green. To stop recording, hit the button again, which will turn back to blue. Overall, simple and clear.

Using the Camera

The Mega Mini Pro can be a stand alone camera, or you can put it in the holder that has a clip. At first I tried clipping the camera to the neckline of my sweater, but it is top-heavy so it was pointing down and would have only recorded my feet. It would have worked better if I clipped it on a heavy coat or jacket. I wasn’t wearing anything magnetic, so first I opted to use my hands and secondly the Velcro to attach the bracket to my clothing. The camera actually fell off my sweater, so I tried putting it on my jeans, where it stuck perfectly, even while I was walking.

Video Quality

When viewing the handheld recordings,  sometimes there were flashes of white light and other times white things had a yellow tint. I believe it had more to do with my shaky camera skills than the actual camera. When the Mega Mini Pro is steady, the colors are pretty normal. I think the best results would be when recording outside during daylight hours, although it does work in low light situations. That being said, the resolution was extremely clear especially for such a tiny camera.

Audio Quality

When I viewed the recordings on my computer, the audio was clear during all my footage. This is a great tool because if you are in a hectic moment like coming across a celebrity on the street and you forget to hit the record button, the device will automatically start recording when it detects audio. The Mega Mini Pro picked up voices very clearly from about 8 feet away, and in one of my videos it picked up cars beeping from 3 stories below. The drawback of using the Mega Mini Pro as a handheld camera is that it picked up the noise of my fingers hitting it, a muffled tapping noise. Keeping the device in one hand or using the accessories gets rids of this extraneous noise.

Battery Life

The Mega Mini Pro’s rechargeable battery lasts up to 2 hours.


I have never used any type of hidden camera before, let alone one this small. But after using the Mega Mini Pro, I would recommend it even to the least tech-savvy of us. From recording a bike ride to capturing an unanticipated moment to recording a source for a journalistic report, anyone can find a use for the Mega Mini Pro. To get the highest quality video and audio from someone, attach the camera somewhere on your upper torso.  If you are wearing a jacket, clip it to a front pocket. Being as close as possible will pick up the audio the best and utilizing the accessories will minimize shaking.

I’d suggest trying the whole process, from recording to transmitting the footage to the computer, before a planned event so you can practice using the Mega Mini Pro, especially if you have little to no camera experience. It’s like tying your shoes; once you’ve done it right once, you’ve got it. This way you can also find out the audio range so you can better plan where you need to be.

The Good:

  • Useful for many different applications from extreme sports to covert surveillance
  • Covert thanks to its small size
  • Fantastic resolution for clear viewing
  • Overall easy to use

The Bad:

  • The audio is limited but it gets the job done
  • Figuring out how to insert the SIM card was confusing until I found out how in the instruction manual
  • Recording with hands gives shaky footage and choppy audio, but clip fastens well to clothing and gets rid of these problems


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screenshot_01It seems that for U.S. troops, the war on terrorism never takes a break, even during the holidays. The U.S. is employing 24 new Hawker Beechcraft four-man twin-propeller planes, with the first expected to arrive this week during Christmas.

These high tech planes will provide ground troops with a full set of eavesdropping and surveillance tools, including the ability to record still images and video, and send them directly to ground troops. Ground troops are being equipped with portable computers that let them view these images and video.

According to Jeffrey Richelson, author of the “U.S. Intelligence Community” these planes are equipped with sensors that that can monitor insurgents’ conversations and help pinpoint their location.

“It’s a lot of intelligence and dissemination capability in a small package,” Richelson said. The planes, with self- protective equipment, are “also clearly designed for a combat environment.”

On that note, we hope that these planes help keep our troops safe in the coming year. And we also want to send out a Seasons Greetings to all our troops stationed overseas, and their families waiting for them at home.

(Via Bloomberg News)

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Camera’s are an integral part of today’s society. Whether we want to admit it or not we are always being watched from a security camera or a friend recording. This is not creating the ‘big brother’ society that people fear. Instead, we are moving to a point where life is documented as it is happening. No false histories or second hand accounts. We are able to see the world live.

Events happen in an instant and are done. Hidden cameras allow us to quickly capture these events and keep them in perpetuity. Reporters have embraced this for the search for truth in events. Events can’t be negated when documented on film.

Documentary filmmakers have also made a career of documenting ‘real life’. Some have even gone further with hidden cameras. Recently, filmmaker Rob Spence installed a prosthetic hidden camera eye in order to capture life as we really perceive it.

Now it is getting easier and easier for everyone to be their own news crew. With sites like Youtube we can show our videos to others and invite them to view what we have captured from our world. The integration of cameras everywhere has opened our sights to both the good and the ugly, but allows us to choose which we want to view and how we act in response.

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US security experts report that industrial espionage costs businesses over $200 billion per year. Trade secrets are sold from a worker on the inside of the company to competitors for personal gains. It happens a lot more than one would think and the costs are insurmountable.

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1) Is it Spider man? No, not by a longshot. Here is one clumsy criminal caught on video surveillance trying to rob a liquor store. At least he knows how to make an entrance…even if he can’t make an exit.


2) Some people are just impatient. Or don’t understand the point of masks or security cameras.

3) Argh! Pirates plunder coffee shop. Well…almost. Aye matey! This ship be locked.


4) The owner in this place must use windex. Or may need one of those bird stickers.


5) So much to remember while robbing a store. It can be tricky keeping hold of things.


6) Knock me out once, shame on you. Knock me out twice, shame on me.


7) Pull down shades. Check. Know how to use shades. Uncheck.


8) Maybe they didn’t know they had videos…at the surveillance store. Spy Store Robbery

9) Thong Mask – They may have been a little under dressed… yikes!


10) Watch out! Those walls are tricky!


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Gloria Estefan was once asked to spy for the CIA. The singer admitted that she considered it.

While working as a translator at the Miami airport, Estefan, who was born in Cuba, was reportedly approached because of her language skills. She had the ability to speak French, English, and Spanish and self-reported ability to “pass as a regular person without raising an eyebrow.” A skill she currently lacks, due to her later rise to fame. Although, she admits that being a singer would have been a great cover for a spy. This is a good instinct what with new technology that could potentially put cameras and voice recorders in headsets. A singer wouldn’t cause suspicion with a microphone. What about those new trendy sunglasses stars are so mad about? A small recorder fits nicely in each.

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