luggageKeith King and Stacy Legg-King, a couple from Phoenix,  were recently caught red handed stealing luggage from Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport. When police tracked them back to their home, they found over 1,000 stolen checked bags. The couple was  caught when an airport officer saw Keith King take a bag from the luggage carousal, put it in his car, and drive away. After the incident, the police put him under surveillance, and caught him doing the same thing again.
When police went to his house to investigate, they were amazed with what they found.

“The amount of luggage being stored inside of the residence was almost surreal” Officer Kendall Goo wrote in a court document.

There were over 1,000 pieces of luggage, and the worst part was that all the identification tags were taken off, making it much harder for the police to find who they belonged to. Assuming that the thieves took one piece of luggage a day, with over a 1,000 of them stolen, they must have been doing this for at least the 3 years. If you have lost a suitcase at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, you might want to contact the Phoenix police department.

(Via Jaunted)

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computer_thiefIf you’ve ever had your laptop stolen, then you know what a dreadful experience it can be. Even worse than losing one of your most prized, and likely most expensive possessions, is the fact that you’ve lost all that valuable data on it. Assuming you are savvy enough to keep fresh backups, the most disheartening part comes with the realization that some crook out there has all your data – your financial and personal files – and perhaps even your company’s data.

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