When you think of surveillance or security cameras, the image that usually comes to mind is that of a camera attached to a wall or even built into something such as a door frame above the main entrance of a building. But with the widespread use of military drones and other remote-controlled devices, security cameras might just go from stationary video recorders to fully remote-controlled surveillance spies.

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dog-thiefDog-nappers, Bonnie Heyman and her grandson were charged with stealing a small chihuahua/dachshund canine that was tied to the ice machine in front of Gardner’s SuperValu grocery store while the owner was inside. Thankfully a high quality surveillance camera caught the March 20th’s criminal activities, making the alleged dog thieves identifiable, thus retrieving the dog back to his rightful owner within about 45 minutes.

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surveillance3A Spokane, Idaho Washington woman has not only been accused of kicking her child, but she’s been caught on camera. Often times, authorities are unable to properly help or prosecute bad parents because of lack of proof. In Keyana Keys case, this 28-year-old mother has been caught on a Spokane Transit Authority surveillance tape kicking and throwing her child around. A judge formally charged Keys on Monday.

“I think that she just had a momentary…just flipped and lost it because there was just too much for her.  And she’s a very, very good mother.  She makes sure they are fed well, they are cleaned, clothing.  Always buy them everything.  She’ll spend all her money on her kids,” said her friend Paula Nieves.

Regardless of what witnesses, or friends, or family say, this poor parental behavior was caught on surveillance tape and a unbiased judge was able to review the evidence. Hopefully having cameras like this capture bad acts on tape will make people more accountable for their actions, especially when it comes to their kids.

(Watch the video via KTVB)

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camera-crimeCriminals everywhere are at risk due to new advances in security technology that is helping to make sure that store thefts and hold-ups become a thing of the past.

According to authorities, the new enhanced picture quality of digital surveillance cameras is proving vital in arresting suspects. The clarity of the pictures is instrumental in helping to identify the perpetrator. While authorities state that it is difficult to tell exactly how much these new high-resolution cameras help to convict those accused of crimes, there are many reports of quick arrests based on surveillance evidence supplied by these cameras.

“The cameras have just gotten better. They’re like nice portraits,” said Dave Hautman, general manager of Franklin Nicollet Liquor in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis. “It makes everybody feel more comfortable, more safe, including the customers.”

It seems that more people are following this trend. According to Todd Rubey, a product manager for Video Surveillance Solutions, an Iowa firm, stated that video surveillance in the metropolitan area has increased about 300 percent since 2002.

(Via Star Tribune)

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hmv_1A British police officer was put to shame when he was caught on a store surveillance camera stealing video games by stuffing them behind his security vest.

The video depicts officer Peter Cokell browsing amongst the shelves of HMV, a popular video game retailer, and taking a few Ps3 games and stuffing them behind his police issued stab vest.

When asked of the crimes officer Cokell denied all charges stating “I tried my best to be inconspicuous to the general members of the pubic so that they would not form the wrong impression of what I may or may not have been trying to do with my trousers,” the judge, however, was not sold.

With clear video footage of officer Cokell taking the video games and leaving the store with them in tow, the judge found him guilty of the crime. Sentencing has not been issued yet but officer Cokell resigned from the Avon and Somerset police force in June when the official investigation into the theft began.

(Via The Tech Herald)

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puzzle-thiefIn Brookline, Massachusetts, a woman was caught on tape stuffing $200 worth of puzzles into her bag at Eureka Puzzles. She later returned to the store and was immediately spotted when a store employee recognized her from the tape. However, when confronted, Mary Lane, 52, claim that she had never been in the store until that time and is denying the charges.

On the other hand, the video clearly showed a woman who strongly resembled Lane walking into the store shoving puzzles into her bag and then looking at the camera, bowing her head, removing her sunglasses and moving off the screen. Despite having the same bag as the culprit in the video, Miss Lane insists that it was not her. But unfortunately for her, when police searched her bag they found one of the stolen puzzles. Employees also recognized Lane as a customer who had previously ordered games for the store to put on display. Those games were stolen just a few days later.

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A Contract Security worker from Winfield Monitoring the Security feeds

Until recently, the Newark Public Housing Complex was a regular spot for drug dealers to do their business. The drug dealers would hold up a parking lot, customers would make a purchase and they would drive away. But police have made strides in reducing the crime thanks to the over 700 cameras that were recently installed on rooftops, poles and hallways.

The cameras are under 24/7 surveillance and keep a watchful eye on 10,000 city residents and 27 housing complexes. The surveillance systems have helped keep the drug dealers from making open air transactions as well as keeping crack junkies and prostitutes from using the local residences as a hang out. Along with the security cameras, the Housing Complex also taps into the New Jersey state police department to make regular rounds through the houses and the Winfield security company has also been hired to monitor the video cameras.

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