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nypd-camerasIn light of the recent bombing attempt in Times Square, the NYPD’s plan to install a high tech surveillance network in Midtown Manhattan seems to have regained steam. NY officials installed high tech and expensive surveillance cameras after 9/11 in lower Manhattan with future plans to expand uptown. Since then, there has been much debate on the issue and budgetary constraints. After Saturday’s bomb scare in Times Square, the ideas to expand surveillance coverage between 34th to 59th streets from east side to west has regained attention.

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times-sq-bombAfter an attempted bombing in Times Square the evening of May 1, police and investigators are now scouring through hours of surveillance camera footage to help fill in the holes of what really happened. A car filled with propane tanks, jugs of gasoline, firecrackers, and fertilizers was noticed by street vendors when it began to fill with smoke. What could have been
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bildeThe U.S. Border Patrol recently unveiled its latest weapon in their fight against the smuggling of drugs, weapons, goods, and illegal aliens. The border patrol is now enlisting the help of a specially outfitted 43 foot long boat.

The boat is still in its testing stages but boasts a high speed of 75 mph as well as a new security camera that is able to see up to one mile ahead of the vehicle at night. This new patrol boat is 13-20 miles per hour faster than the normal patrol boats used by government agents today. It is also the first of its kind to use new powerful heat detection software in its cameras helping to ensure that things can be seen even in the darkness of night. The boat is also equipped with 4 machine gun turrets as well as four pistols for the men aboard the boat.

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37-starface1With five stars more than the flag, the true face of a teenage girl is finally revealed.

Claiming that she had mistakenly been tattooed with 56 stars on her face, 18 year old Kimberly Valminck recently admitted that she had lied about the whole ordeal. Valminck blamed tattoo artist, Toumaniantz, for ruining her face and turning her into a “freak” while she was asleep under his needle. Toumaniantz adamantly insisted that she had asked for the stars despite what Valminck was telling her parents and the press. Valminck promised to sue Toumaniantz for 9000 euros, the cost of the surgery needed to remove the stars. Even though Toumaniantz maintained that she had asked for the stars, he agreed to pay for half of the surgery because he felt bad that his client was so unsatisfied.

Recently, Valminck said that she had indeed asked him for the 56 various size and shaped stars to be tattooed on her face and that she was awake the whole time he tattooed them onto her face. She made the whole story up because when she showed her father he was “furious.”

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_45999503_deb_royCatching criminals in action isn’t the only thing surveillance cameras can do– now they are starting to answer hundred year old questions.

Recently, surveillance cameras were used to conduct The Human Speechome Project, an experiment designed to map the way humans acquire speech.  The age old question of speech acquisition has been tackled by famous researchers including Noam Chomsky and Eric Lenneberg.  From devices in your brain to critical periods there only remains theories about how humans develop language skills.

With the help of surveillance cameras, professors at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology hope to provide some of the first conclusive, data based answers to what seems to be the unsolvable question. Stunted by the limited availability to thoroughly track a child’s language acquisition process, previous studies were only given snapshots of a child’s development in weekly or monthly meetings.  Considering the fast paced nature of child development, missing a week, day, and even an hour can mean missing a crucial moment in the child’s development.

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