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BrickHouse office expansion strengthens support for consumer, business & government clients

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Indianapolis, IN — Brickhouse Security, a premier supplier of surveillance and security solutions, announced a significant expansion of its Indianapolis presence with the addition of a sales and marketing team dedicated to serving the security needs of consumers, business and government.

BrickHouse offers nanny cameras, GPS tracking, home alarm systems and a variety of unique security solutions to help its customers protect their loved ones and personal property. The company also provides GPS fleet and asset tracking, retail loss prevention, employee monitoring and professional consulting services to meet a wide variety of business and governmental security needs.

In 2014, BrickHouse christened its Indianapolis offices and gradually expanded the facility to include shipping and fulfillment, tech support and customer service. With the addition of the sales and marketing team, the Indianapolis team will more than double.

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Questioning Surveillance’s Role in a Post-Boston Bombing World

The-tsarnaev-suspects-fbi-photo-release While the world’s eyes locked on one set of brothers, the conversation surrounding the Boston Marathon bombing quickly shifted to Big Brother, and surveillance’s role in preventing acts of terror. We’re here to parse the opinions, and say why everyone is right — and wrong.

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Many have predicted that the legacy of the London 2012 Olympics will be one of surveillance, but with New York’s recent “Domain Awareness System” announcement, it’s looking like city security expansion will be the legacy of 2012 in general.

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Kathy’s Law Passed – Restraining Orders to be Strengthened with GPS Tracking

San Diego’s state assembly committee has passed a bill that would place GPS tracking devices on domestic violence offenders. The bill is named for Kathy Scharbarth, who was strangled outside her home last year by an ex-boyfriend a few days after she obtained a restraining order against him. Had the restraining order been enforced and monitored via a GPS tracker, Kathy would still be alive today. This bill also orders the tracked offender to pay all GPS service fees.

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With last week’s Supreme Court ruling on GPS tracking by police, privacy in the digital age is getting more and more attention. The next issue the justices might have to tackle is whether or not it’s constitutional to use other forms of surveillance — including mobile body scanning technology, which the New York Police Department is set to begin testing this year.

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