body-scanners-372Since last week’s failed bomb attempt, the TSA has issued several new security measures that affect flyers, but this latest move is probably the most invasive one yet. The TSA now plans on expanding their use of full body Scanners at U.S. airports.

Full body scanners would likely have enabled airport security officials to detect the powdered explosive that the terror suspect wore on him during his attempt. However, these scanners are also very intrusive in that they pretty much make a person appear stripped down and naked in the scanner’s viewer. Regardless, the TSA has purchased 150 more of the machines and they plan to purchase 300¬† more this year.

However, at this time if someone doesn’t want to go through the full body scanner they’ll be able to request a pat down instead. NowPublic has a full list of US airports that are currently using full-body scanners as a primary screening tool which is definitely worth checking out. Users of the FlyerTalk forum have also put together a list of US airports that are using full-body scanners in some capacity. Let us just hope there arrant any terrorists that are aware of these helpful lists.

(Via the Examiner | Image via ImpactLab)

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indian-police-320The U.S. army has been using GPS technology for a while now to help track criminals, recover kidnapped soldiers and provide mapping, but according to Tripathy, an IT expert, the Indian state police department is way behind the times. Tripathy has developed¬† system to track rebel activities in remote areas using GPS. As a member of a team that provided GPS for the Mumbai Police, he can vouch for the effectiveness of GPS when used to combat terror. GPS is even being used by many Delhi and Mumbai cops, but the technology isn’t as common through out Indian police departments as it should be. Tripathy believes that GPS is especially needed now to help combat the recent insurgence of Maoist Terror.

“A small microchip can be attached to the bodies of police personnel, who are engaged in combing operations. When they get kidnapped by rebels or criminals, it becomes easy to find out where these cops are being taken. So even if they are taken deep into the forest or in some remote areas, they can still be traced with the help of the system,” he said. (Via the Times of India)

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