As the holidays rapidly approach, the young among us wait in anticipation for a red-suited man breaking into homes and leaving gifts. The wiser of us, however, should be keeping our eyes out for plainclothes burglars looking to take advantage of the season to stock up on stolen presents.

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camera-crimeCriminals everywhere are at risk due to new advances in security technology that is helping to make sure that store thefts and hold-ups become a thing of the past.

According to authorities, the new enhanced picture quality of digital surveillance cameras is proving vital in arresting suspects. The clarity of the pictures is instrumental in helping to identify the perpetrator. While authorities state that it is difficult to tell exactly how much these new high-resolution cameras help to convict those accused of crimes, there are many reports of quick arrests based on surveillance evidence supplied by these cameras.

“The cameras have just gotten better. They’re like nice portraits,” said Dave Hautman, general manager of Franklin Nicollet Liquor in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis. “It makes everybody feel more comfortable, more safe, including the customers.”

It seems that more people are following this trend. According to Todd Rubey, a product manager for Video Surveillance Solutions, an Iowa firm, stated that video surveillance in the metropolitan area has increased about 300 percent since 2002.

(Via Star Tribune)

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