facebook-thief1It is said that a thief will always return to the scene of the crime, but now-a-days they would rather update their Facebook status, even if that means that they’re taking the chance of being tracked down by the authorities. In this case, police were able to arrest a man accused of bank fraud after he continually updated his status about his nice easy life in Cancun, Mexico.

Maxi Sopo had it all figured out, he had escaped to Mexico and had seemingly escaped persecution until he added someone connected to the Department of Dustice as a friend on Facebook. Initially there was street service as well as teams scouring through the internet trying to find a trace of  Sopo. They caught a lucky break when one agent stumbled across a Facebook page where he noticed that he had befriended someone connected to the Justice Department. This is not the first time that police have used social networking sites to get the job done. There was also a recent incident where a burglar broke into a home and logged into Facebook during the break-in and forgot to log out, thus leading a breadcrumb trail for police which eventually lead to his arrest.

The police are also using other websites to help catch criminals. For example, police are posting security video’s on YouTube, and the FBI is using Facebook to track the teen that created the “Should Obama Be Assassinated” poll. It seems that now social networking sites are becoming a way for the authorities to find and track criminals, and could become a potential problem for criminals who can’t help themselves when it comes to using Facebook.

(Via The Guardian)

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svuEvery day hundreds of people watch their favorite TV shows and say to themselves I wish I could be like that, well Justine Faeth made that a reality. The New York native took after her favorite show “Law & Order Special Victims Unit” and used some skills she had learned to catch a crook.

Faeth was at work when she saw a suspicious man walk into the office. She saw the man steal an employee’s purse, an iPod and a wallet. She also saw the man drink a cup of water and blow his nose before he left. Using the skills she had learned from Law & Order, she quickly collected and kept the items as evidence for police. Sure enough, the police were able to use the DNA samples taken from the cup and tissue to help track down the perpetrator.

Faeth has recently been seen on NBC’s today show along side Actress Mariska Hargitay, who plays a Law & Order detective. Faeth was praised for her quick thinking and there were even talks of her having a walk on roll in the show.

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