Joshua Kaufman, or @jmk as his followers on Twitter know him, has a problem: someone stole his MacBook on March 21, 2011, and the police haven’t been nable to recover it for him. This is a common enough occurrence that I doubt many readers have batted an eyelash. It’s a rough world, and there are lots of people out there who have no regard for the property of others.

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We all know people that borrow things and forget to return them; or at any rate, that’s what they say when you confront them about it. The latest person to be caught “forgetting,” is the Czech Republic’s President, Vaclav Klaus, who was using a ceremonial pen during a visit to Chile. To make matters even worse, Klaus was pulling off this heist in full view of the media during a ceremony to announce a trade agreement.

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iphonethiefHow ironic. In the midst of Jordan Sturm’s demo of Apple’s  GPS-based app, “Find My iPhone,” a bike riding thief grabbed the new iPhone and rode off, thinking he was now the proud owner of the much sought after device. Unfortunately for the thief, 31-year-old Horatio Toure, the app installed on this iPhone was designed to use the phone’s GPS tracker capabilities to provide real-time location updates so police officers and its owner can track the phone’s whereabouts in real-time.

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Bahamas Teen Fugitive19-year-old Colton Harris-Moore, A.K.A. the Barefoot Bandit was finally arrested after a two year run from the law. Harris-Moore is a serial thief that was wanted for stealing multiple cars, planes, and even more extravagant things like airplanes. He was captured in the Bahamas after stealing a speed boat and a high speed chase ensued. He would have gotten away again, but this time the police shot out the engine, leaving the bandit nowhere to go.

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the-jointThis certainly isn’t the first time that Facebook has been used to catch a crook, and we’re pretty sure that it won’t be the last.

After two men broke into a head shop in Boston, the store owner posted a surveillance video of the break-in on the store’s Facebook page. One of the thieves can be seen in the video stealing a $4K glass tube.

Within a few days, the video had 6,000 views and the store’s online community managed to recognize one of the thieves. The police made an arrest soon after. Meanwhile, the police are still working on identifying the second suspect.

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british-policePolice in North Staffordshire, in the United Kingdom, have been using a special Thief Tracker Kit with much success. The Thief Tracker Kit is essentially a hidden camera system that is designed to fit inside property or vehicles, in order to catch criminals stealing bikes and breaking into vans, sheds and garages.

On top of catching the thief on camera, the kit also exposes the thief to a special liquid that serves the purpose of forensically linking them to the crime. The Thief Tracker kit is even able to alert police via text message once it becomes activated.

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rim-thiefA car dealership on Rt. 30 in Pittsburgh has been consistently robbed for a very long time now. Apparently people think that the dealership is a free junk yard where people can come and take things as they please.  After getting fed up with all the constant stealing, the owner of the lot installed a security system in an attempt to catch the thieves in the act. This time when some rims went missing, the owner knew about it. A 55-year-old male identified as Edward Miller was caught on camera stealing some scrap metal and an aluminum rim.

The owner of the car lot, Mike Bartow, turned his surveillance video over to the local police, and let them take over.

“In a case like this, without surveillance video, we wouldn’t be able to make an arrest,” Trooper Stephen Limani said. “Surveillance video is absolutely paramount when it comes to some crimes. It’s absolutely paramount to have.”

The police don’t think this man was responsible for all the other thefts from this car lot, but the incident will surely send out a message to all the other would be thieves in the area. Also 90 minutes after airing the video on TV, the missing rims were returned to the car lot, and the police believe the suspect rolled them down the hill behind the car lot to stay out of sight of the video cameras.

(Via ThePittsburghChannel)

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Paula Swanson (center) with her family

For weeks at Lindy’s General Store in Pembroke, Massachusetts, customers had been putting money into a can on the counter top to support Paula’s People. Paula’s People is a family team representing Paula Swanson, a victim of breast cancer. The team was planning to enter a road race that raises money in the fight against breast cancer.

Paula herself had been a regular customer at Lindy’s for many years. 10 days before Paula passed away, a delivery man was caught on tape stealing the donation’s can from the store’s counter. “It’s a disgusting act,” said Josh Worrall, the owner of the store.

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