2202854905_4752c3a086It’s not everyday that the Wyoming Highway Patrol and the NYPD get to work together, but thanks to a GPS tracking device, the two teams were able to work together to catch thieves embroiled in a major heist..

First the NYPD contact the Wyoming troopers to let them know to keep a watch out for a stolen rental car. Fortunately the rental company had installed a GPS tracking device inside of the vehicle, so the NYPD was able to determine which region the car was in, which is why they contacted the Wyoming Highway Patrol. As a result, the Wyoming Highway Patrol was able to quickly spot the car this past monday night. The suspects in the car were immediately arrested and troops managed to find $37,000 in stolen jewelry, laptop computers, iPods and digital cameras in the car.

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luggageKeith King and Stacy Legg-King, a couple from Phoenix,  were recently caught red handed stealing luggage from Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport. When police tracked them back to their home, they found over 1,000 stolen checked bags. The couple was  caught when an airport officer saw Keith King take a bag from the luggage carousal, put it in his car, and drive away. After the incident, the police put him under surveillance, and caught him doing the same thing again.
When police went to his house to investigate, they were amazed with what they found.

“The amount of luggage being stored inside of the residence was almost surreal” Officer Kendall Goo wrote in a court document.

There were over 1,000 pieces of luggage, and the worst part was that all the identification tags were taken off, making it much harder for the police to find who they belonged to. Assuming that the thieves took one piece of luggage a day, with over a 1,000 of them stolen, they must have been doing this for at least the 3 years. If you have lost a suitcase at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, you might want to contact the Phoenix police department.

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apple-storeThe Apple store is one of the most interactive and display-centric stores out there. They have all their top of the line gear on display including iPhones, Macbooks, desktops, and iPods for people to touch and test. Maybe that’s why thieves targeted the Apple store in Marlton, New Jersey.

In a well organized heist, thieves cleaned out the store in an amazing 31 seconds, snagging 23 Macbook Pros, 14 iPhones, and 9 iPod touches. Thieves brandished guns to scare security guards and were in and out before police could even arrive on the scene. Unfortunately, the thieves covered their faces, rendering security footage useless.

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cagesecuritycamerastolenthiefOften it’s hard to make sense out of some theft crimes, but this latest string of thefts in Lakeland has police puzzled for good reason. In all 13 robberies, the thieves only stole surveillance cameras from the businesses they broke in to. No money or other valuables were taken. As a result, authorities have been left scratching their heads for as to what the motive is behind these thefts. Overall, the cameras in Lakeland, Florida averaged for $300 in value, while the cameras stolen from the local Sheriff’s office ranged in cost from $75 to $700.

One theory is that there might be a market for these security cameras outside of Florida. But we can’t help but wonder if there is a master plan behind all of these thefts, the likes of one you would see on the pages of a comic or novel? Are the criminals of the county planning on staging several grand elaborate heists? We can’t help but wonder… after all, the first step would be for them to eliminate the security cameras. (Via The Ledger)

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