4268269143_52921820e5The Iranian Cyber Army has struck again. Baidu, the top search engine in China has been hacked by the Iranian Cyber Army group of hackers. It was only this past December, that the group managed to successfully take over Twitter for a short period of time to leave behind an anti-American message. However, because of the energy gasoline that Chinese state companies sell to Iran, relations between Iran and China have been generally good, so it isn’t clear for as to why the group decided to hack the Chinese search engine.

In response to the attack, Reuters received a statement from Baidu:

This morning, Baidu’s domain name registration in the United States was tampered with, leading to inaccessibility.

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twitter-arrestIn Denton, Texas, an art student started a twitter feed that posts every arrest as it happens. The idea here was to explore the possibilities of social platforms like Twitter to share public information. The question in this case is if it’s morally right to embarrass these people for just an arrest? An arrest meaning that the person has not been tried in court and convicted of the crime. That person was merely accused of the crime.

There are two issues with this question. First is that the district attorneys shouldn’t pursue a shaming policy until they have a conviction, and second, the idea behind this project is that arrest records are public, and the creator of this project, Brian Baugh, a student at the University of North Texas, is only trying to make public information truly public.

One idea that can be used here to make this work is to include strong disclaimers that accounts posted are accusations and that nobody has been convicted, however, exactly what should be done about this is still not sure. If you have any ideas or suggestions, leave us a comment telling us what you think should be done.

(Via CriminalJustice.Change)

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cyber-armyAt around 10 pm on Thursday, Twitter’s website was down, and the home page replaced with a page saying that it was hacked by the “Iranian Cyber Army”. They also left a message saying:

Iranian Cyber Army



U.S.A. Think They Controlling And Managing Internet By Their Access, But They Don’t, We Control And Manage Internet By Our Power, So Do Not Try To Stimulation Iranian Peoples To….

Take Care.

The search result from Google were also changed for Twitter by the hackers, and read:

“In the name of God, as an Iranian this is a reaction to Twitter’s interference sly which was U.S. authorities ordered in the internal affairs of my country…”


Twitter is now back to normal, but what was done is not exactly sure. It is now under investigation to find out who is responsible for this hack, and is suggested that if you use the same password on Twitter as you do with other accounts it would be a good idea to change those passwords.

(Via TechCrunch)

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britney-twiiter-hacked-1Unless Britney Spears converted to being a Satan worshiper and a member of the Illuminati, it’s pretty safe to say that her account got hacked by some prankster yesterday. Halfway through the day, her Twitter background and picture were changed to Illuminati pictures and soon after two new tweets popped up on her page. They read:

“I give myself to Lucifer every day for it to arrive as quickly as possible. Glory to Satan!” and “I hope that the new world order will arrive as soon as possible!”

Britney’s people are not sure what happened or how the hackers got the log-in information, but they think it was either someone that already had access to her account and decided to mess with it for fun, or just some hackers trying to cause some mischief. Either way, this is not the first time her account has been hacked, as hackers usually target celebrities for their huge number of followers and international influence.

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Lary Johnson

Larry Johnson, the Kansas City Chiefs running back, was recently suspended for making a gay-slur on his twitter account. According to the Associated Press, at this time he can’t participate in team activities while an investigation into his use of the slur is ongoing.

Johnson issued an apology in which he stated “I regret my actions. The words were used by me in frustration, and they were not appropriate. I did not intend to offend anyone, but that is no excuse for what I said. ”

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pitsburgh-protestThe FBI has arrested Elliot Madison, a New York based anarchist, who was charged with hindering prosecution after using Twitter to help direct protesters at the G20 summit to avoid the police. The G20 summit brought world leaders together to weigh in on the poor global economic situation and other matters of common financial interest.

The home of Elliot Madison was raided and in Madison’s home they found 11 gas masks, five pairs of goggles and test tubes and beakers. Law enforcement also removed anarchist books and pictures of Marx and Lenin from Madison’s home. Afterwords, the police tracked down Elliot to an Inn where along with Michael Wallschlaeger, the two were found surrounded by a bank of computers, police radio frequency scanners, maps, microphones, and contact numbers.

There were a total of 5000 protesters at the G20 Summit, 200 of which were arrested. The police are becoming more aware of the importance of Twitter and as a result they monitored the social networking site during the Summit in order to keep track of protester remarks through out the summit. As for Twitter users, they should be more aware what information they release to the public since it can potentially lead to an arrest.

(Via The Guardian)

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twitterUsers of the social networking website Twitter have yet another virus to fear. According to these latest reports, there is a new worm related to a phishing scam floating around Twitter and it’s using the system’s direct messages to spread.

An already compromised account will send a direct message to another account with a body similar to:

“rofl this you on here? http://videos.twitter.secure-logins01.com.”

Once users click on the link they are asked to submit their information via a fake Twitter login page. And, once they’ve entered their login information, hackers use the compromised account to send a fresh batch of messages to all of the person’s Twitter followers. By luring unsuspecting users with “rofl is this you?” promises of a funny picture, victims are inclined to click on the fake link and thus subject themselves to the phishing virus.

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fbcheatWe’ve all heard about social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook causing drama in relationships. Questions like “you were WHERE?” and “why would you post a comment on so-and-so’s wall?” have become common confrontations. As if this drama wasn’t bad enough, prosecutors in the U.K. are speculating that shady Facebook activity could have prompted a murder.

Welsh born Brian Lewis has been accused of strangling his partner and the mother of his four children, Hayley Jones. Apparently prosecutors are looking towards Facebook as the possible precipitate for the crime.

Jones had become very involved with Facebook and her buddies online. She began hiding the site from her partner and preventing him from looking at her profile or viewing her friends. Ten days before the murder, Jones changed her status from “in a relationship” to “single.”

Psychologists have confirmed that Facebook increases jealousy in relationships, which in turn is  a common motivator for murder. The trial is ongoing but the outcome doesn’t look very good for Lewis, since he reportedly told authorities on the phone that he had just strangled his partner.

(Via Mashable)

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twittennisRecently the US Open made the decision that the players who participate in the tournament are not allowed to tweet on twitter. They fear that it may become a security issue if certain information becomes known to the public. Andy Roddick, however, feels that this new rule is completely unnecessary.

According to the Associated Press, Roddick has been using Twitter to express his frustration with signs posted around the US Open facilities warning players that tweeting may be in violation of the Anti-Corruption Program Rules. The US Open fears that if information such as the weather, conditions of the court, or even the conditions of the player, were to be leaked, it could create gambling for the sport.

Roddick responded to this by tweeting “you would seriously have to be a moron to send ‘inside info’ through a tweet.”

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I was almost convinced, at the brink of acceptance, and mid nod when three of my co-workers stopped my chin from falling.

After hours of listening to my bosses explain to me the importance of “Twitter” and other social networking outlets such as “Facebook” and “MySpace” they had almost successfully recruited me for their team. I was enthusiastically signing up for a twitter account thinking of all the benefits and connections I was about to become a part of, when one question brought all of it to a screeching halt: What’s your twitter username? This seemingly harmless question, directed to three of my male co-workers, was the start of the end for me. After discovering that none of them had Twitter accounts I was shocked and the sting of betrayal pulsed through my veins. Why would my bosses lie to me? If they weren’t lying then why didn’t people they worked with every day not partake in what my bosses described as invaluable connection making?? Were they just trying to trick me? I was enraged with nothing but a primordial soup filled with feelings of confusion, pain, and anger and I knew that the only thing that would shed any sort of light on the situation was truth. And so my investigation began.

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