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The results that stem from Twitter and other social media networking sites include invaluable connections, countless conversations about similar interests, exposure to the public and…crime?

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media networking websites in the world, recently reaching over 13 million users.  It embodies everything people want: it’s quick, fast, and free. With the efficiency of the site also comes the immediate dangers.  You’d be surprised how much could go wrong with just 140 characters.

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twitter-page1 The Twitter Security Dilemma

Your middle name. The first street you grew up on. The name of the first family pet. These are the answers we give to password security questions online without even considering the simplicity of the questions being asked or the availability of the answers to these questions in varied online forums. Everyone does it, from your children to the top people at powerful companies, and thus leaves themselves open to the whims of hackers. Twitter learned this the hard way when a hacker recently gained access to the company’s internal information and employee’s personal accounts through the vulnerability and simplicity of the “forgot password” security question.

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