John Scott

John Scott, officially L.A.’s oldest street vandal, was arrested this month for putting up hundreds of “Who Is John Scott?” stickers around Los Angeles. The police expected this to be the work of teenage “slap taggers”, who put up stickers all over the place advertising shoes, skateboards, music bands, and sometimes their own hand-drawn “art”. In this case, the stickers were advertising the website titled “Who is John Scott?”, which was selling T-shirts and hats, but were not developed by teenagers.

Police were monitoring a subway station for graffiti vandals when they noticed an older looking man putting up stickers on the walls. When they questioned and searched the man, they found him with tons of orange “Who is John Scott?” stickers, which have been responsible for thousands of dollars worth of damages within the last year.

The police were shocked at the age of this graffiti artist, making him officially the oldest street vandal ever caught.

“Up until this year, the oldest guy we had arrested was 36,” said Sheriff’s Lt. Erik Ruble. “We knew our guy was older, but not [73].”

As of right now, John Scott is being held in custody on a $20,000 bail on suspicion of felony vandalism. It is unclear if his case will be presented to the prosecutors, but the mystery of “Who is John Scott?” no longer exists.

(Via LATimes)

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