World of Warcraft (WoW)¬†players tend to live in their own voluntary Mountain Dew-and-Cheeto-fueled isolation. For them, completing the challenges within the video game’s world is an enjoyable way to kill a few thousand hours and a few close, personal relationships. For numerous Chinese prisons, however, WoW is a punishment, and prisoners are forced to play the game for mind-numbing¬†hours on end; all for the financial gain of the prisons’ guards.

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hmv_1A British police officer was put to shame when he was caught on a store surveillance camera stealing video games by stuffing them behind his security vest.

The video depicts officer Peter Cokell browsing amongst the shelves of HMV, a popular video game retailer, and taking a few Ps3 games and stuffing them behind his police issued stab vest.

When asked of the crimes officer Cokell denied all charges stating “I tried my best to be inconspicuous to the general members of the pubic so that they would not form the wrong impression of what I may or may not have been trying to do with my trousers,” the judge, however, was not sold.

With clear video footage of officer Cokell taking the video games and leaving the store with them in tow, the judge found him guilty of the crime. Sentencing has not been issued yet but officer Cokell resigned from the Avon and Somerset police force in June when the official investigation into the theft began.

(Via The Tech Herald)

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