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Halve Maatje (“The Half Size”) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Our best advice: Don’t mess with the regulars in this bar.

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A strong solar storm hit the Earth’s atmosphere this Thursday morning, March 8th. The radioactive particles that were launched from the sun are currently battling our planet’s electromagnetic field and don’t appear to be causing any major problems. However, NASA warns that this solar outburst will last until about Friday morning and that at any time, power grids or GPS service might be temporarily compromised.

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Facebook & Twitter Social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter have quickly become a big parts of our everyday lives and the way we interact with the world. It is also not unusual to hear about these platforms being used to spread computer malware, spam, or get people into legal trouble. However, it seems like a new crime trend is emerging that focuses solely on the use of social networks to steal physical goods from retail locations, as opposed to the digital theft of sensitive information.

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Whenever you buy a laptop lock you expect it to do just that, lock your laptop in place to make sure it doesn’t get stolen. And if you are going through the trouble of actually buying and using the lock, it’s pretty safe to assume that whatever information is on that laptop is pretty important to you and worth locking up.

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Seeing as the current method of airport security screening is effective at the price of being a time-consuming hassle for travelers, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) is looking into a way to modernize the security checkpoint. But how can they speed up this screening process while simultaneously ensuring its effectiveness? The IATA will attempt to screen people as individuals as opposed to just random travelers; meaning, it matters more who they are as opposed to what they are carrying or whether or not they take off their shoes.

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When you think of surveillance or security cameras, the image that usually comes to mind is that of a camera attached to a wall or even built into something such as a door frame above the main entrance of a building. But with the widespread use of military drones and other remote-controlled devices, security cameras might just go from stationary video recorders to fully remote-controlled surveillance spies.

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We all know people that borrow things and forget to return them; or at any rate, that’s what they say when you confront them about it. The latest person to be caught “forgetting,” is the Czech Republic’s President, Vaclav Klaus, who was using a ceremonial pen during a visit to Chile. To make matters even worse, Klaus was pulling off this heist in full view of the media during a ceremony to announce a trade agreement.

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Night vision or infrared cameras are an amazing piece of technology that give us the ability to see in the dark; an ability unavailable to humans until about 40 years ago. But one drawback of night vision is that the footage is never in color, but is instead always displayed in shades of green or grayscale. That’s all about to change, as a Japanese company is working on bringing real color to night vision cameras and forever getting rid of the “green vision” the old cameras have given us.

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