praying-robberAn Indianapolis robbery went all wrong when a 23-year-old male, Gregory Smith, attempted to hold-up a check-cashing business and instead ended up praying and running out with $20 and the clerk’s cellphone. When Smith pulled out his gun to threaten clerk Angela Montez, her first reaction was to start praying. Smith felt so bad, he broke down into tears and tried to explain to her that he is  an ex-serviceman and had a young baby. He also said:

“But we’re going to be homeless. I haven’t had a job in months. I’ve tried everything.'”

At one point when Smith reached for the gun again, Montez got really scared and and started praying for forgiveness, which made Smith take out the only bullet in the gun and give it to her, saying:

“Just take it and talk to me… No one will talk to me. I have nobody.'”

After talking and praying together for about 40 minutes without any disturbances, Smith allegedly left after taking $20 and Montez’s cellphone. The next day Smith turned himself in after his mother had seen him on T.V. and urged him to do it.

(Via ABC News)

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golden-eagle-gps A golden eagle that was trapped in a coyote trap will soon return to the wild. After being saved  and nursed back to health at the University of Minnesota’s Raptor Center, the golden eagle is finally healthy and ready to be released. The researchers also attached a small GPS tracking device to the back of the eagle to track where he flies and better understand where the golden eagles migrate.


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maple_seed_device_3Students at the University of Maryland’s Clark School of Engineering have created the world’s smallest monocopter. Its design was inspired by the maple seed that spins when it falls, but this design has an ingenious improvement: a tail rotor. A tail rotor is usually used to keep a helicopter from spinning, but in this case, it keeps the maple seed device spinning. This lets it keep flying, hovering, and lets us control where and how it flies.

The tiny device fits in the palm of your hand, and is a very important advancement in aerospace engineering. This new design is especially useful since it can be used by the military in situations like surveillance maneuvers for defense, fire monitoring, and search-and-rescue purposes.

(Via: GovTech)

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We’ve all heard the expression “caged like an animal,” well for one dog on a Long Island that was a stereo type he was not willing to fit into. He just kept going and going until he was able to escape the Veterinarian office he was locked inside of at the time. But this was no small feat, the canine had to get past a dead bolted door and 6 foot fence in order to escape.

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balloon-boy-balloonOn Thursday, October 15th, the Heene family’s worst nightmare came true, their 6-year-old son went missing. After frantically searching the house, their other son, Bradford, told the parents that Falcon (also known as “Balloon Boy”) told him that he was going to “sneak inside” the family’s weather balloon. Assuming that their young son was trapped inside the balloon, the family went into a frenzy of panic. They had no idea what to do or who to call. The father, Richard Heene, said:

“And then I asked Bradford to get on the roof – I put a ladder on the roof – and I said keep watching and find out where [the balloon]’s going so we can report this. And I just pictured little Falcon inside, you know, being frightened and cold. What if he fell out? And, of course, the high voltage supply that we have on board, if he had touched that, he could have been electrocuted.”
After being tracked by military helicopters for about 50 miles through two counties, the balloon finally landed safely on the ground. But the biggest shock to the Heene family was just about to come. The boy wasn’t in the balloon.

“Oh, man, when when the police officers came in and closed the door and wanted to tell me something, and he paused, and I thought, ‘This can’t be good,’ and then he said it hit the ground and there was nobody in it….  And I immediately thought he had fallen out. And I was crushed, you know. Completely drained me, he said. “What was really horrible is the images going through my mind, scenarios that could have been played out. And the hardest part was visualizing him falling out and hitting the ground.”

balloon-boy-boyParents who have experienced this type of panic often turn to high tech child tracking devices like GPS trackers or child locators to help enhance their supervision. A GPS tracker could have accurately pinpointed the child’s whereabouts without having to go through this insane ordeal. Thankfully the Heene family was able to locate their boy, who was hiding in the attack at home all along. A shocking twist to the story was that when the boy was asked why he didn’t respond to his parents calling out for him, he said,

“You guys [his parents] said we did this for the show.”

That day, the family was being taped for a reality television show called “Wife Swap” and was being followed around by a camera crew that day. Which means it really could have just been a hoax and only a publicity stunt for the show… or really a parent’s worst nightmare.

(Via CBS News)

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ESPN VideoIt has been revealed that, Michael David Barret, the now infamous peeping tom accused of spying on ESPN reporter Erin Andrews had also been making naked videos of other women. At his hearing, Assistant US Attorney Steven Grimes stated “Yes, judge, there are other women. He has used his computer to disseminate these videos to the world.”

Barret, who used cameras and self-made peep holes to spy on women, supposedly made many more videos that the police hope to find on the two computers seized from his home. Barret has been posted on bail and is under house arrest where he is wearing a GPS ankle bracelet as well as being banned from using the internet. Much like with the Andrew’s video, Barret uploaded other videos under the web-name “GOBLAZERS1.” So far, Barret has been officially charged with stalking which carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison.


Michael David Barret has agreed to plead guilty to stalking Erin Andrew and could face up to 5 years in federal prison and a fine up to $250,000.

(Via The Telegraph)

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clip_image002.jpgIn the wake of a recent planned attack on a synagogue in New York City, one former NYC cop is offering rabbis a new way to protect themselves and their worshipers. Rabbi Gary Moscowitz is teaching his peers everything from martial arts to gun handling.

“Our idea is you can’t be spiritual if you’re dead. You have to be able to fight back to live another day,” martial arts expert Stuart Rosenberg said.

Moscowitz explains that teaching rabbis these skills is “an insurance policy. I hope it never has to go into effect.” To further his cause and to spread his doctrine of safety, he’s pushing state lawmakers to allow at least five people at houses of worship to carry guns. He claims that anyone could walk into a synagogue with a machine gun, giving unarmed worshipers no chance to protect themselves unless they know some self defense tactics.

“God forbid and God save us that someone would try to attack us. Why not let us know the skill in advance and be prepared just in case,” said Rabbi Mordechai Hecht.

For Moscowitz’s 100-hour training synagogue self defense sessions it’ll cost you $1,000.

(Via New York Post)

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grandpa_tacklesIn Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, a bank robber was put in his place after getting tackled by a 54-year-old man. The robber was pacing back and forth between to clerks and did not notice Matt Knetzger slowly coming up behind him before he pounced on the crook from behind.

The bank robber was revealed to be Senister Smith a frequent customer of the bank who reportedly robbed the bank because he had fallen on hard times. He walked into the bank covered in all black clothing and a ski mask. He then handed two notes to the tellers commanding them to put the money in the bag. Knetzger, a 54 year old grandfather, was in the back of the room eating a snack while the robbery was taking place. After finishing his snack Knetzger decided to do something about it and tackled the man.

When asked why he was so quick to make a move, Knetzger said he was simply worried for his wife’s safety. After tackling the young robber he also held him to the ground until police arrived. The best part is that it was all caught on the banks security cameras, effectively ensuring that they would always remember the hero of the day.

(Via The Post Chronicle)

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kanye-west-grabs-the-mic-001On Sunday night, viewers were shocked and disgusted by the inappropriate actions of Kanye West as they watched the VMA’s live. After announcing Taylor Swift as the winner of “Best Female Video of the Year,” Kanye West proceeded to snatch the microphone out of her hand stating that Beyonce should have won. Having a personal opinion towards someone’s style of music is one thing, but stepping in on someone’s acceptance speech to alert the world of your disappointment is something completely different. For Taylor Swift, a moment like receiving your first VMA award is a super-special occasion that should be respected, and protected at all costs. Therefore we at BrickHouse Security have conspired a couple of ways to help keep your spotlight safe when the time comes for you.

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apple-storeThe Apple store is one of the most interactive and display-centric stores out there. They have all their top of the line gear on display including iPhones, Macbooks, desktops, and iPods for people to touch and test. Maybe that’s why thieves targeted the Apple store in Marlton, New Jersey.

In a well organized heist, thieves cleaned out the store in an amazing 31 seconds, snagging 23 Macbook Pros, 14 iPhones, and 9 iPod touches. Thieves brandished guns to scare security guards and were in and out before police could even arrive on the scene. Unfortunately, the thieves covered their faces, rendering security footage useless.

(Via Mashable)

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