Sunday night the world, and America in particular, rejoiced at

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the death of Osama Bin Laden, founder and figurehead of the jihadist organization al-Qaeda. While it’s a bit bittersweet and seemingly insensitive to celebrate the death of a human being, it marks a major milestone in America’s War on Terror.

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blackwater Surprising to the general public, it has just been revealed that a private army contracted by a private American security firm formerly known as Blackwater (now known as XE) has been carrying out missions in Pakistan with the CIA. They have been carrying out raids, the executions of terrorist leaders, and many other types of spy missions. This comes as a major surprise to the general public who had no idea there was any kind of problem between the US and Pakistan, let alone a private army infiltrating their country. The private firm denied all of this and their involvement with the CIA in Pakistan.

Some sources say that it was set up under the Bush administration to keep law makers in the dark so that the war on terror can be won at almost any cost.

(Via: LA Times)

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war-on-terrorA total of 14 Americans were killed have been killed after three helicopters crashed in Afghanistan. This has been the deadliest day of the U.S. mission in Afghanistan in more than four years. News of the deaths came as President Obama prepared for the sixth conference to discuss the future of the war with his national security team.

There were 10 Americans killed in the first crash along with seven other troops and three drug enforcement agents. There were also eleven soldiers, one civilian and 14 Afghans inured during the attack. In another incident, two American helicopters holding soldiers collided with each other killing four, and injuring two. It was the heaviest single-day loss of life since June 28, 2005, when 16 U.S. troops on a special forces helicopter died while they were shot down buy insurgents. These events also marked the first ever D.E.A. officer deaths since the project began in 2005.

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