We all know that having social networking account can sometimes welcome unwanted attention. However, with most social networking websites stalkers can easily be avoided if you’re careful about with whom you share your personal information. For example, you should only be sharing sensitive information with people you actually know.  And if all else fails you can always delete your account and stop using the website or start a new account from scratch.

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comcast Unlike the iPhone hacker that got offered a job as an App Developer by creating and spreading an iPhone virus, a Tumwater, Washington man is facing 5 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000 for hacking into Comcast. He did this mostly for the fame and pride as shown by the page that he redirected the Comcast customers to. When customers tried to access their email and voicemail accounts, users were sent to a page that the hacker had created, bragging about his conquest. Sources say the hacker also tried to call Comcast to tell them about it and get some more fame, but the manager hung up on him.

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The Prime Minister's Government Web Site

Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd’s website was recently hacked. Rudd’s website www.pm.gov.au were both attacked and brought down at around 7:20pm (AEST). Along with the Prime Minister’s site, the Australian Communications and Media Authority site was also hacked and attacked. Fortunately, both websites were up and running just an hour after the attacks took place.

A post was made on the Inquisitor Blog by the group Anonymous, claiming that they were responsible for the hack. The web attack was a direct response to a Federal Government proposal that would make internet filtering mandatory. The group’s post claims that by making internet filtering mandatory, the government would be blocking legal internet content and would be effectively creating censorship levels such as those seen in China.

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