Surveillance Cameras Deter Most, Catch Some

What started out as a normal day on the job turned into a life or death experience for one Las Vegas cab driver. After driving a customer to his requested destination, the passenger acted like he was going to pay and asked the cab driver if he had change for a $50 bill. When the cab driver took out his wad of cash for change, the passenger in the back of the cab took the opportunity to grab the driver and put a knife to his throat. The crook then snatched the money from the driver’s hands and ran out of the cab.

Luckily for the cab driver, he was not hurt and the taxi surveillance camera captured a pretty clear shot of the robber’s face. What makes the crime even more shocking is the fact that the surveillance cameras mounted on the dash were overtly obvious and could be easily seen from the back of the cab.

“The installation of cameras into the cabs has definitely had a big impact on reducing robberies to cab drivers,” said Officer Rivera.

While surveillance cameras may act as a deterrent for some criminals, some bold crooks decide to take the risk and commit the crime anyway. Many cab drivers are well aware of this fact and know of the dangers of the job:

“It’s a scary job… People get into your car. Sometimes, you don’t know what they have… The cameras actually help a lot,” one driver said. “See this button right here? It tells us we can tell the yard that we’re in trouble.”

Even though police now have a description of the crook and even a photo, they still need help locating him. The suspect in the robbery is described as a white man in his 20’s, about 5’11” tall and weighing 180 pounds. Anyone with information should call the Metro’s robbery section at (702) 828-3591 or to remain anonymous, call CrimeStoppers at (702) 385-5555.

(Via 8 News Now)

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