Think a Teddy Bear Makes a Great Nanny Cam? Think Again

It seems like every conversation I’ve had lately with customers interested in nanny cams eventually gets around to our teddy bear camera. When people hear the phrase “nanny cam” they automatically start thinking about teddy bears. Sure, the logic makes complete sense: Kids room = teddy bear. Teddy bear camera = great nanny cam. But in reality, a stuffed animal is not the best place to plant a hidden camera.

So what could possibly go wrong with a teddy bear nanny camera?

To do its job properly, a nanny cam needs to be positioned correctly and left alone. The last thing you want is for the camera to be moved and end up pointing in the wrong direction — out the window, for example, instead of into your baby’s crib.

Worse yet is the prospect that your nanny cam will be discovered. Obviously, a nanny camera should be completely invisible to the person you’re supervising.

When a baby is crying, adults tend to grab anything they see if they think it will calm the little one down. And stuffed animals are often the first things that get yanked off the shelf as pacifiers.

Even when they’re not crying or upset, children will often point to things they want. Tots “asking” a babysitter to retrieve a stuffed animal off a shelf is a common occurrence — and it’s a request that sitters comply with frequently.

If your nanny camera has a power cord (as is the case with one of the teddy bear cams we sell) that’s a dead giveaway. How many stuffed animals are plugged into a wall outlet?

Even if your teddy bear nanny cam is battery powered, the act of taking it off the shelf will change the viewing angle of the camera, which negates what you’re trying to accomplish. Once a teddy bear cam is picked up, it’s also pretty easy to figure out that there’s a battery pack inside, which can be almost as much of a giveaway as a power cord.

You can find a lot more information on nanny cams here.

In the meantime, here are some simple things to keep in mind when choosing a nanny camera that’s right for you:

Nanny cams come in almost any form factor you can imagine. The key is to make sure your camera fits naturally into the environment where you’ll be using it — and to make sure it’s boring and discreet enough so no one will want to pick it up or play with it.

  • Multipurpose hidden cameras like our Black Box Micro are great for any nanny cam situation. You choose where and how to conceal your camera.
  • An air purifier hidden cam would be a welcome addition to any baby or elderly parent’s room.
  • An alarm clock hidden cam makes sense in a bedroom, but it might not be ideal in a living room. Try a wall clock or AC adapter cam instead.
  • An iPod speaker dock hidden camera is perfect for almost any room in a house, but if you want to avoid suspicion, I wouldn’t recommend placing it right next to a stereo system.

Stay tuned for Chapter Two coming soon. I’ll be discussing how a teddy bear can be a great security solution.


About the author  ⁄ Todd Morris

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