Track Me Elmo: How a Stuffed Animal Can Prevent Child Abduction

In our previous article, we discussed why a teddy bear isn’t the best security solution when used as a nanny cam. But, as promised, we’re back to tell you how a teddy bear can be great for ensuring your child’s safety: as a child tracker.

While it’s easy to be wary of strangers when it comes to child abductions, the truth is that the ones you know are much more likely suspects in the event that your child goes missing. Let’s take a look at the facts:

According to a recent study, about 800,000 kids under 18 are reported missing every year (which comes out to around 2,000 a day!). Of that staggering number, 45% of those cases are family abductions, compared to about 25% that are non-family. Even more surprisingly, a miniscule .001% (only 115 cases) are “stereotypical abductions,” defined by the study as “a nonfamily abduction perpetrated by a slight acquaintance or stranger in which a child is detained overnight, transported at least 50 miles, held for ransom or abducted with the intent to keep the child permanently, or killed.” The rest of the cases were runaways, lost children, etc.

If your child is abducted by a family member (a common occurrence in heated custody battles and other domestic conflicts), chances are they’re not going to leave without some of your child’s favorite possessions. And, you guessed it, if one of your child’s favorite toys is a teddy bear, this provides you with a great opportunity to pinpoint his location in the event of an abduction.

In cases of custodial interference you can even set up a “GeoFence,” or safety alert, when the device gets close to a state line, goes further than 60 miles from home or enters an airport; this way the GPS tracker will send you a text or email to alert you before your child is taken beyond the agreed limits.

How to choose a “Teddy Tracker”:

When choosing a stuffed animal to turn into a Teddy Tracker here are a few things to look for:

  • The stuffed animal should have some sort of electronic function that requires a box inside and a way to get in to change the batteries; this could be a sound/music player or a motor to move the toy.
  • It should be large enough to have room for an extra box the size of your GPS tracker.
  • The teddy bear shouldn’t be too easy to open up; strong velcro is preferred to an overlap flap.

Now that you’ve selected the housing for your Teddy Tracker, the next step is assembly:

  1. Open up your teddy just like you would to change the batteries.
  2. If there is enough room, place the tracker behind or next to the internal sound maker so it will not be seen by the next person to change the batteries.

♦ If there is not enough room to insert the GPS tracker and close up the toy again, you may need to remove some of the stuffing first before you proceed with the installation.

A tiny GPS tracker can last up to three weeks on a single charge, so you won’t need to worry about your device running out of power at a crucial moment. With instant updates to your smartphone, you will be alerted the moment the Teddy Tracker leaves your home without your knowledge.

If you’re worried about child abduction, a Teddy Tracker can be the perfect way to gain peace of mind. With this easy installation process, you can be ready to pinpoint your child’s location in minutes.

(Source: Slate)

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  • misty castille

    is there a gps tracker that you recommend?

    • Erik Helin

      Hi Misty! For child tracking we recommend our Spark Nano 5.0; our smallest battery powered tracker. We do carry a whole range of trackers, however. Check ’em out here!