Runaway Squad Locates Missing Teen with Help from Brickhouse Security

a-and-e-new-logoRunaway Squad, a television series on A&E dedicated to finding and bringing home runaway kids, recently aired an episode that focused on a case they solved with help from Brickhouse Security. The episode features Tayvela, the fifteen year-old daughter of a hardworking (but often not around) Haitian immigrant studying to be a nurse in the United States. When Tayvela went missing, her mother turned to Runaway Squad to find her teenager.

Retired NYPD officer and current Private Investigator Joe Mazzilli and his team used Brickhouse Security’s Cell Phone Spy to download essential information that led to a crucial break in the case. Using the Cell Phone Spy, they discovered Tayvela’s passwords to her email addresses and social networking sites and also pictures of her being exploited on the Internet. With Mazzilli’s expertise on the subject and the evidence they had, the investigators speculated that Tayvela had become part of a gang that was exploiting her to make money. Through more investigative work Mazzilli’s team was able to locate her in a Brooklyn brothel, and they were ultimately able to reunite her safely with her mother, almost nine months after she originally disappeared.


Runaways generally leave home because they feel unwanted or lack attention from their parents and are prone to attempt running away more than once. In Tayvela’s case there were significant generational and cultural gaps between mother and daughter, which led to a lack of understanding by both. Tayvela’s mother didn’t understand why she was under-performing in school, and she soon fell into the wrong crowd. After being reunited, Tayvela and her mother realized how much each one missed the other. Tayvela’s mother said she didn’t decorate the house during the holidays because of her absence, and Tayvela hated to think about what occurred while her mother was worrying about her.

Without the information retrieved from Brickhouse Security’s Cell Phone Spy, the investigators would not have known the exact location in Brooklyn to find Tayvela. Although Tayvela experienced things no one should ever be subjected too, her story has a happy ending thanks to innovative technology and the hard work and  determination of Joe and his team.

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