17-Year-Old Boy Beats Would-Be Robber

malcolmA robbery attempt ended with the arrest of a would-be robber thanks to the efforts of a brave 17-year-old boy. After going into a small corner store and demanding money from the teen, the thief received more than he bargained for. Instead of forking over the cash like the robber had planned, the boy began hitting the man, and then chased him through the streets for about half an hour until the criminal was pinned down and arrested.

Malcolm Gelliseau, 17, fed up with robbers targeting his single mother’s store, decided to take matters into his own hands. When the bandit walked into the store with a hood covering half of his face, Gelliseau was immediately suspicious.

The man then threw a bag of chips on the counter with a handwritten note that read, “I have a gun.” After being told that there wasn’t any money in the store, the thief continued to escalate the situation. Instead of giving the robber the demanded money, however, Gelliseau started giving him a beating.

Gelliseau then chased the man through streets, backyards, allies and rooftops for about half an hour until he finally tackled the man to the ground and pinned him down. When police arrived, they arrested the 55-year-old burglar and charged him with not only this robbery, but also got him to confess to another robbery he committed about a week earlier.

Acting Sergeant Chris Wills said that chasing a suspect that says he has a gun is not something he would recommend, but still gave Gelliseau credit for his bravery and successful criminal capture.

(Via The Spec) / (Image by John Rennison of The Hamilton Spectator)

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