Teenager Billed $2,000 for Bleeding on the Sidewalk

Unlike many of our stories which fall into the category “criminal busts,” this post comes off more like “busted by bad luck.” It starts with a teenager cutting himself and dripping a few drops of blood onto the sidewalk and ends with a $2,000 fine. Taylor Petz, an Arizona teenager, was making himself a late night snack when he seemed to run into some trouble with a steak knife and accidentally stabbed himself in the thigh. Thinking that the damage was more serious than it really was (he didn’t even need stitches), Petz decided to call an ambulance and wait for it to arrive outside of his home. By the time that the ambulance arrived, Petz had dripped a few drops of blood onto the sidewalk, which for any normal person wouldn’t be a big deal, especially not one that a garden hose or even a bottle of water couldn’t fix. However, Peoria City Attorney Steve Kemp didn’t seem to agree with that viewpoint and decided this was a grade A emergency which required a haz-mat team from two hours away in Tucson to clean up. And once the haz-mat team was finished cleaning up the “dangerous substance,” they left a bill for $2,000, most of which would be used to cover travel time. Not wanting to pay the bill themselves, the authorities decided to pass the bill back to Petz. Petz and his family took this case to the media, after which the fee was brought down to $1,200. This still remains a huge

fail on the part of Steve Kemp, who decided it was necessary to hire the haz-mat team in the first place. Hopefully, the family gets more media coverage and this ridiculous bill will be dropped, or at the very least paid for by Kemp. As for the rest of our readers, make sure not to bleed on the sidewalk, or at the very least carry a bottle of water to clean it up before Steve Kemp sees it. What do you, our readers, think? Should Petz be required to pay for the cleanup or should Kemp be the one to cover this unnecessary expense? (Via True Crime Report) / (Image Editor B, licensed under Creative Commons)

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