Terror Plot Foiled by Unexpected Text Message

We’ve all received junk text messages from our service providers telling us about an update or a service change, or spam from a phone number we’ve never seen before. It’s typically just a minor annoyance that leaves us wondering how they got our number in the first place. But unlike the rest of the junk texts, this is a story about the first and (likely) only time that a random spam message brought some good to the world.

This SMS text message was sent from a wireless company to all of its customers wishing them a happy new year. But unlike the inconvenience that most people would find this text to be, it ended up saving hundreds of lives when it caused a terrorist’s bomb to go off prematurely.

A female bomber, who is suspected to be part of the same Jihadist group responsible for the suicide bombing in Moscow’s airport, was getting her suicide bomb ready in a safe house and using her cell phone as a detonator. She had rigged the bomb so that a text message from an accomplice would detonate it when she was in a heavily populated area. Fortunately, the phone service provider beat her to it and detonated the bomb before it was ready.

While it would be gregarious to lament the terrorist’s death; we’re much more grateful that this was the outcome instead of the loss of countless innocent lives.

(Via Wired)  / (Image by felixion, licensed under Creative Commons)

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