Terrorists Use Suspicious Packages to Cause Widespread Fear in Cities

susYou’re in a crowded airport or bus station and there’s a package, wrapped in brown paper sitting there unattended. What do you do? Designed as a scare tactic, the FBI is warning residents of New York and Washington about suspicious packages. This terrorist tactic is not designed to physically harm or cause real violence like a bomb or shootout would, but rather, the goal is to intimidate and tie up city resources.

In big, targeted cities like New York, when a suspicious looking package is left unattended in a busy area like a train station or Times Square, people notice it and get scared. Aside from tying up resources that can be better used elsewhere on real threats, a resident’s daily routine will be disrupted causing them to either live in fear, or be desensitized to suspicious packages. What this means for the terrorists is that they will now have the opportunity to plant real bombs in some of these packages and not worry about people taking it too seriously or even reporting it.

As of now, government is continuing to prompt people to report suspicious packages, but in the future, something like hidden cameras and increased numbers of bomb squads could be a more long-term solution.

(Via Security Info Watch)

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